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November 17, 2005



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Yecch! Ambassador to Droop City.

Looks like Brit's boobies have gone to the dogs. Her "pointers" have become "setters".

is anyone else reminded of a dairy cow?

Is anyone else scarred for life after seeing that picture?

(And there's a whole GALLERY? Yeek!)

Wonky Bosoms wbagnf...that photo of Brit. Oh, they did? Okay. IS a good name...


Brit should follow my lead and tuck the sistas into her belt when she goes out. Helps eliminate floppage.

Jilliwilli: *SNORK*

*snork* oh jillywilly ..nohoho

"Does this shirt make my breasticles look floppy?"
"You mean moreso than physics?"

i cant believe any body here is making fun of twitneys boobies.... for shame.

Oh, God, shoot me... I do the same damn thing - who the hell cares about boobs that droop - if they belong to someone else....

Was this reported by a perky newsteam?

Aunt Nancy: Nothing perky about this story.

random thunking: well played.

At least they weren't dripping milk...

Sorry. Erase that last sentence. In fact, just don't read it at all or you'll spend the rest of the afternoon with that mental image.

GDogg, Thanks. In fact, I was referring to you with "gone to the Dogs". Thusly, Brit's boobies are now yours, wear them well.

Can I get some coffee with those flapjacks?

Meanwhile, her third boob continues to nurse (har!) his injured hand while prepping for another night on the Strip.

Glowing with fluorescence, Twitney's boobs are neon candles in the dark.

I think you can't even fairly call them breasts in that picture. I think they now qualify as teats, perhaps even dugs.

"Breasticles?? *SNORK*

Somewhere North . . . too late. Thanks a lot!!

Somewhere North - if you dare to review the gallery, there's a shot of her with what appears to be a lactation stain on her shirt. Consider yourself warned. Now excuse me, while I return to Mr. Art Banana Sling to help me erase Bratney from my brain.

I thought they were silicone! That ain't no silicone.

Well, jamster asked about nipple pads yesterday so here it is. Nipple pads prevent lactation stains. Yes, I looked at the gallery too and my mother breast fed.

"Oops, I dripped it again..."

"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

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