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November 16, 2005



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If Britney and Kevin can't make it work, how is there any hope for the rest of us?

Shannon, in a word YES!!!!

Key quote: if that's the best thing for ... her own sanity.... Oops, too late.

As an aside, it's gotten to the point where whenever I see "BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN", I think to myself, "Uh-oh." But I open it anyway. Does that make me a bad person?

Mr. C, see previous post!

the story was written by Jack Ryan, didn't he become President? (or was that Alec Baldwin/Harrison Ford or Ben Affleck?)

I fear we will see K-Fed on reality t.v. all too soon...sort of a rapping Tom Arnold.

"Nipple pads"?

Mr. C.: it doesn't make you a bad person - it's like driving by a really bad car wreck - you know you really don't want to see the bodies, but ya gotta look anyway

also - wouldn't it be cheaper just have old Kev killed? there's not a jury in the country that would convict - it would be like a public service, really

Kibby - I was afraid of that.
TCK - Thanks, I feel better now.

OK - everyone who's surprised by this raise your hand.

*looks around, sees no hands raised*

Thought so.

You know, if she handles this with dignity, and whips her shirt off, she just might set her up as GQ's man of the year for 2006.

There has to be some 12-step program for this. I see BULLETIN BULLETIN BULLETIN and I know I shouldn't look, but my hand just reaches out and clicks on it anyway. I can't help myself.

Ok, obviously I am a woman of the female persuasion, not a woman basher, but Jennifer Aniston being named Man of the Year is just ridiculous, shirt off or not. What an insult to all the guys out there. IMO.

If I had been able to vote for Man of the Year, I would have voted for Dave!

speaking as a man of the male persuasion - I support anything that gets Jennifer Aniston to take her shirt off. just sayin'

well, i'm shocked that gambling is going on in there.... yawn.

*reaches up and slaps Kilmeny's hand*

That's Step 1!

I have to ask ... What's the deal with posting "first?" on every comment page for every item in the Blog?

Is there some sort of loserdom contest going on?

Jennifer Aniston being named Man of the Year is truely Gender Equality!

Now, who do we put into Playboy? Cbol?

BTarver, yep.

"Jennifer Aniston being named Man of the Year is truely Gender Equality!"

Exactly how do you figure that, Kibby?

GQ, where men are men, and so are the women!

Cbol in Playboy....hmmmm. Interesting. I'd probably check it out!

southerngirl - as long as you read the articles too

Figure that IF a women can be named "Man of the Year" then a man should qualify for the "Woman of the Year" - isn't that equality?

Unless I'm looking too deeply into this and GQ is really trying to say that Jennifer's actions make her a role model worthy of any man to follow.

But then I'd go a bit further by saying her actions are those ANY DECENT HUMAN BEING should be following!

... but that's just me...

hear hear Kibby.

Any decent human being, provided they have a Jennifer Aniston body and are not related to me and they are a woman, should whip their shirt off right now.

With dignity.

kibby: while many women would probably be happy to be named man of the year, only men of a certain persuasion (NTTAWWT) would willingly accept the title of woman of the year and appear topless on the cover of, say Glamour magazine

Also, I think Playboy is doing an article on my band, Cbol and the Outy Vaginas, in an upcoming issue.

Of course, I'll have to form the band first.

TCK ~ does this mean there's no chance of us seeing you topless? If you do a cover, I promise to read the article.

Cbol ~ will your topless picture appear with the article?

southerngirl: I'm topless right now - but there doesn't seem to be anyone around asking to write an article about it

TCK ~ uh, you aren't at work, are you? If so, what kind of work DO you do?

BTarver - Yes, there is an elite FIRST club with a secret handshake, meetings in secret places AND secret membership lists!

Do you have a problem with that? :)

"The word is given. Warp speed."

If I were married to a meal ticket like that *stifling the urge to barf all over the keyboard*, I would go out of my way to keep the relationship intact, lest I have to go back to working for a living *shudder*.

K-Sped's next rap: "Yo, you want fries with that?"

(Way back in the Pleistocene Epoch when I was going to school, "sped", derived from "special education", was a popular term of abuse, roughly equivalent to "moron", "idiot", "fool", etc.)

From the swamps of Arkansas, Ivory Bill Woodpecker


Eleanor, no I have no problem with that. If loserdom is your thing, well, there's a medication for that. Probably.

*saying in sing-song voice*

Someone's getting snippy, Someone's getting snippy.

We're just all here FIRST and foremost to have a good time!

FIRST one to say good-by to BTarver. Eleanor and I mean no harm. We're just revisiting our childhood since it was so fun the FIRST time around.

BTarver - congratulations just posting on this site gives you a free induction to loserville hall of fame.


Very proud of my First of two days ago - Monkeyshines

PS IBW - Comments like yours are why I look forward to Bulletins:)

*sends ESP message to Monkeyshines as to location and exact time and date of next FIRST Club meeting* :)

*gives El the secret wink*


Ummm... Jennifer Aniston was made WOMAN of the year by GQ (first ever! and a hot as hell cover!), not MAN of the year. Vince Vaughn is their man of the year.

"The Nipple Pads" WBAGNFARB!

Glowing with fluorescence, Jen's a neon candle in the dark.

Any guesses on how long before Twitney's as forgotten as we are?

*gives secret hand sign to cyn* :)


shame on me for not reading back far enough to see, that once again,
i've supported a "movement" that is rude and mean and childish.

my apologies to BTarver. (tho' i will say that questioning a practice, obviously enjoyed by most, is not wise)

*gives secret hand sign to those nice folks - you know who you are - with both hands*

-just sayin'-

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