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November 15, 2005



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Um...not much proofreading going on at that website....

Can you feel the love from that author?
Britney, just dump this guy.
Yes, please, so we can get on with life w/o BulletinBulletinBulletins

So many potential comments, which I'll leave to you guys.

Love the Paris Hilton and Oprah stories, too.

all your entertainment news are belong to us...

I had more fun with the Sony Bravia ad on that page... ooh, bouncy colored balls!!

MOTW: If it ain't Brittany, it'll be some other twitlet without a brain in her head and/or with too much money she didn't earn. Leave Dave alone about these bulletins - they make me feel eversomuch better about myself.

Let us all pray that Thai transvesties invade the greater K-Fed area.

I liked this story better:


Especially the part where she "hooked the monkey up to a leach".

Federline Briefs: Man-panties for Wiggers.
(credit SNL)

Now now Jello, that's an insult to wiggers everywhere...

Shaking his thing? Isn't that what he sold to the devil for his marriage to Money, I mean, Britney?

"Britney, just dump this guy before he spends any more of your hard earned dough"

Yeah, take life coaching from the world-renowned author of this article...

too late. he's already passed his genes on ...bleeeeeeah.


I also saw that - "She then hooked the monkey up to a leach and chained it to a cabinet so she could shop in peace"

Is that a typo or a commentary on her entourage?

From the article: A witness to the fall said: "Britney must have been at home with their baby son and Kevin was messing around dancing with his mates."

His mates? The witness to the fall just happened to be British? Or does a British website have anything to do with it?

I just heard too that Katie Holmes is giving up show biz because she and Tom have decided she should stay home and raise their child.

Can we start a bulletin on them too? Looks like their heading in the same direction as Twitney and Dead-Head, I mean K-Fed.

I'll just BET "she and Tom decided." Uh huh.

What? You think Tom put undue pressure on her because she is young, impressionable and obviously star struck? Shocking accusations!

Although personally if I married a multi millionaire, I'd stay home and "raise our child" too if that involved nannies, staff and long periods of control over the credit card.

Would the little gray space aliens PLEASE abduct Federslime, Twitney, and Tommy the wacko? AND KEEP THEM?!?



Hard earned??

"He was really going for it, throwing some seriously mad moves, and suddenly he slipped and landed on his butt. But his arm got caught and he has fractured his left hand."

His arm got caught in his butt?

I don't care if it's the damn Klingons, just somebody please take 'em off our hands!

elle~ *snork*

Mr. Completely, tell the Little Grey Space Alien not to yell.

Brainy -

*whispering too*
I think that's just they way they talk... and I wish they wouldn't use my email addy. Stupid aliens.

Bring 'em on. We have some EXPERIMENTS to conduct on your human wasteoids.


why are we whispering? did somebody fart?

*I am assuming my own identity again so as to prevent any further confusion, mostly on my part.*

TCK - Brainy started it...

"Did somebody fart?" With some 6 billion people in the world, I would guess that every second of every day, somebody in the world is farting. It's a wonder the planet still has a breathable atmosphere. Actually, our farts are nothing compared to the farts of our livestock. The farts of our ruminant livestock, cattle in particular, actually contribute a measurable amount of methane to the atmosphere. Maybe that's why the aliens don't want to land and announce themselves; the planet stinks to them.

Gaseously yours, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

does anyone else find it strangely appropriate that the Britney thread has digressed into a fart discussion?

I agree with the appropriateness of it, since Twitney's music is more or less the quasi-musical equivalent of flatulence. I don't know where to find it offhand, but there was a Twitney parody called "Oops, I Farted Again", with accompanying cartoon. I don't know if it's still available on the Web or not.

For more information than you'll ever want to know about farts, Go Ask Alice has a cool discussion about it - including discussions about "could you explode from excess gas!", and "why do men love to fart?"

Random quote: "By the way, the gases that make up a fart are composed mostly of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane."

Just my way of giving back to The Blog. You're welcome.

www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/6350 for the "Twitney farts" video.

I ALWAYS fall for the "Bulletin" thing.....

I am such a dork.

*sill whispering*
Mr. C: Aliens using your email addr. *snork*
Ivory: "Livestock. Why did it have to be livestock?"

Amazing how Alice finds time to answer all those questions; I'd figure she'd be too busy running the restaurant.

From the Group W bench, IBW

tck, ibw, and mr. c need to get together for a live standup routine. y'all are too funny;)

not me - do they have 'dead' stand-up routines? Or would that be more of a reclining schtick? But kick the dawg and spit in the fire - tck, ibw & mr. c sure are funny. On that last bit of theirs, I laughed so hard I nearly lost my teeth...luckily the dawg was able to retrieve them for me.

thangk ya....thangka vera much

*channeling Elvis*

[for those of you who are not geezers, Elvis was big in the 60's & 70's]

AnnieW .. stirring you into the pot;)
.. just sayin' ...;)

IBW: Wait! As much as I would like to see K-Fed and Paris taken thousands of light years away, do we REALLY want galactic society to judge earth on the basis of these L.A. nitwits?

I mean, we should at least send some political leaders or something...er, never mind, send K-Fed. At least he's cute.

HE'S CUTE?! sorry, but to me he just looks like - well - [insert politically correct term for white trash here] you know, like a real-life Joe Dirt

*zips in*

I've been away all day and just came back and read all this - very funny stuff!
Just wanted to say that I like everyone here, even the yelling aliens!

*zips out*

He break his hand, eh? I doesn't care if he break his skull... lousy fool trying to gains the love of our nation's national insect. Sheesh!

...i realy don't understand why these items are blogged.

I realy don't like her.
And from the comments it's clear no one else here likes her either.
But heres the deal, I don't want to read news items about her just so i can, nod my head and say 'see thats why she is trash'. I don't want to hear about her.

I want to live in my own mental world that is free from Britney Spears and her ilk.

And this (otherwise) excelent blog is making that much more difficult.

Joben: if you want to avoid the Britney discussions, just stay away from the stories marked: BULLITEN BULLITEN BULLITEN

but then you'd miss out on the great fart discussion...

just sayin'

joben - just for

don't thank me.

T, we can always tell when you're into the parfait.
(n yeah, i'm one to talk;)

According to The Allen Report to the Nation, in Los Angeles every 1.7 seconds a man farts. You know what that means? We've got to find that man and stop him (or at least slip him some Beano)!

did i see a "zip"?
yeah! .. hi El;)

wow - i mispelled the same word 3 times straight - it's like when you say the same word over and over til it starts to sound funny...or maybe it's not like that...never mind :~)

just sayin' ~ I've been noticing T's spelling for a coupla threads. Didn't want to say anything, though, cause I wanted us to still be friends! And yeah, he, Mr. C and IBW would be a show I'd pay to see!

Stupendous: as long as he stays in LA, I'm fine with just leavin' the gassy dude alone

You know how it is when you go to be the subject of a psychology experiment, and nobody else shows up, and you think maybe that's part of the experiment? I'm like that all the time.

Never mind. I promise I'll stop now.

sourtherngirl: you're gonna have to stop that - yer makin me paranoid

T ~ just cause you're paranoid doesn't mean no one's out to get you! Oh, and it's southerngirl, not sourtherngirl! ;)

Way down yonder in the land of Dixie.... g'night, y'all!

hee .. southerngirl, if ya wanna see T really get paranoid, mention the mini-cams in the patch)
*goes to adjust cams view*

(the show, yep, real pesos;)

Lasse le bon .. but, you know the rest, caj

(oh and SM, jus' ignore T .. some of us are down-wind of LA.
then there's the whole border thing.
send cases of beano please)

T's just jealous that the Rock Bottom Remainders are coming to LA, not Montana, on April 29th & 30th, 2006 from 10am -6pm, at the LA Times Festival of Books...not that I'm excited or anything. And by then we'll have located 'gassy man' and added him to the percussion section. Because in LA, ambiance is everything. But go easy on T's spelling issues - he just whittled hisself a new keyboard.

TNX for the PSA Annie! .. left coasters are so going to be there .. neener, Fort;)

(n A-W, saw your comment re 5 months to choose an outfit .. do these slacks make my butt look too big?;)

April 29! I am so there already! I could wear my USC Rose Bowl and BCS Champion shirt (The FSM taught me to see into the future...), I'm sure that would make me stand out in the crowd. No, wait, this event is held at UCLA isn't it? Not a good idea. I need a pun or a joke involving UCLA football....I know! I'll just put a picture of their team on the front of the shirt ;)

P.B. (Who would rather support a Trojan [32 straight wins now] than a Bruin any day!)

Mini-cams? What mini-cams! And, Laissez les bon temps roule!

PirateBoy - interesting that USC doesn't have a book festival. Guess that would be hard since the library lost both coloring books.

Nitesall - nah, those slacks are fine. Or as I like to say - "I AM big - it's the capris that got small."

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