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November 15, 2005


Time for a benefit concert.

Key Quote: Sam Mike, a disabled American tourist, said the farm's 40-minute snake show and venom suction demo was enjoyable.
``The most fun part is when a staff member puts a python on your neck for picture-shooting and another staffer pinches your legs as if a snake is biting you,'' he said with a 14kg python wrapped around his neck.


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I know that's how I want to spend my holidays.

A snake farm? Someone grows these things on purpose?

With names like these:
*bless you!*

and ... venom suction demonstration?

If I would have had my leg pinched during this . . . oooh would that guy be sorry.

However, Dr Visith said the shabby snake farm would soon become history.

Shouldn't that be hissssstory?

Oh, yeah. Someone pretending to have their python bite you is a real scream! I'm ROFL. (Not.)

I hope that, as part of the 70 baht admission fee for foreigners, they include a change of undergarments. I would need them if I thought I was about to die from snake venom poisoning.

"The Shabby Snake Farm" WBAGNFARB!

and of course: "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"


Don't they watch TLC? Don't they know that 'venom suction' doesn't increase immunity to venom, but rather breaks down the system - so that if they do get bit, they have almost nothing left to fight it off?


They have an interesting idea of fun. I'll skip any invitations.

"he said with a 14kg python wrapped around his neck."

Gene-Pool-Eradication alert.

*sssqueeze, sssnaky, sssssqueeeeze*

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