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November 22, 2005


Shed a skin tear for Lady Gray.


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No time, no witty comments ... gotta pack up and move ... later ...

I hate to break it to her - that wasn't a trick; it was going to attack.

Gosh darn. Now my keyboard is soggy with my tears.

Hmmmm...grey snakeskin boots?

Suppose she tastes like chicken?

actually snakes do taste like chicken...

New Navorite Pick Up Line: Wanna see my snake do some tricks ?

"favorite snake"????????????????????

(Fill in the blanks)

"_______. Why did it have to be _______?"

a memorial for a snake? that makes about as much sense as having a funeral for the rest of the frog.

You know, it is times like these when we, as Alabamians, must pull together. We will see each other through this trying time. In addition, not only has Alabama lost its favorite snake, but also the Alabama-Auburn football game was a ridiculous disgrace. We are in pain. We need the support of our neighbors--Florida, without whom we'd have a decent stretch of coastline; Tennessee, without whom we'd have no one to blame for NCAA sanctions; Georgia (Tech, anyway), without whom Auburn would have been higher in the rankings; and Mississippi, without whom we'd be last in everything.

Help, o neighbors, during our time of grief. Please have compassion and mercy on us--hold us up in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh yeah, and don't forget about the hurricane ravaged areas. Amen.

Reported by a true x-ambassador Of the UN, who knows this speices well.


At his funeral, the mourners dodged him as he was thrown at them one last time by The Reverend..

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