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October 14, 2005


In the phrase "Nude Disco," which concept is more disturbing?

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster


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Steve Lancaster, my eye. Check my link ten threads down.

Clothed Clubber Stumbling in Unaware: It's kinda warm in here, but...HOLY SH___ That's a lot of naked people doing the Hustle "

OK, I'm picturing a bunch of middle-aged sagging disco fans dancing to abba the bee gees - great, now I'll be having nightmares for weeks

Won't they have to add one more beat to each song?

Sure brings another meaning to the term Disco Ball.

"But if I'm naked what will I do with my wide lapels?"

Will the soundtrack be Saturday Night Shrinkage?

...I'll stop now.

xmnr: if you didn't send it in, it's not gonna get blogged. at least not by me. i almost never click on links in the comment section, as i believe i post almost every time someone says something like this :)

Gives new meaning to that Saturday Night Live line, "Watch the hair!"

What a combo...
"You got nudity in my disco!"
"You got disco in my nudity!"
(Together)"Hmmmmmmmm" ('cause "mmmmmmm" is not quite appropriate, I should hope)

Duh, that Saturday Night Fever line. Stupid me.

TMI, I'm sure, but I enjoy slipping around in someone else's sweat when I'm all naked. However, I prefer to have known that person for a while and to keep things to one naked sweaty person at a time.

So am I the only fat single girl that thinks this may be kind of cool?


Sorry, was possessed by my alternate personality for moment. Hope I didn't post anything I'll regret ...

At first I was afraid, being of middle age
At the thought of forty-somethings dancing in a go-go cage.
But then I realized that all our bodies went to pot
And took my birthday suit to the nudie disco spot!

I liked coming back to that sweaty place
Though it was all that I could do to focus on your face.
Did your 'disco balls' drop? Does my physique seem too strange?
As once-perky body parts do their best to rearrange?

The music stopped, we left the floor
It seemed as though our booties shook for several minutes more.
Did you say,"Looks don't matter" as you gazed into my eyes?
But you sang a different tune when you saw my flabby thighs!

Oh, no, not I, I will not strive
To recapture the same body I had when Nixon was alive!
I've had too many binge-y moods and too many deep-fried foods, I will not strive, I will not strive!

This may be TMI, but I occasionally do some promo work for a swinger's resort in Jamaica. They have a disco, clothing optional. (So I don't have to work too hard to picture this.) The most amusing part of the whole thing is that, about every 15 minutes, the DJ announces, "Just a reminder. Penetration is not allowed in the disco." Not something you hear every day.

um, insom? I don't *snork* often, but you are a genius!! ummm "fever nights"? No clothes, because they are detrimental to healthy growth.

insomniac, I know have your song lyrics stuck in my head, aaaauuurrrrrgghhhhh

I will not strive!

Well, you would save money on the wardrobe. Clubbing clothes can be expensive.

Insom: *SNORK* You are just amazing.

Dang I have enough problems trying to get the confidence to go up to the dance floor and strut my two left feet tied together stuff, let alone being naked too!



I can just hear the pick-up lines now....

"Hi, haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

Weren't you in that old James Bond movie...?
Didn't you play "Pussy Galore?"

"Oh yes, I see, I had that operation too."


"Did anyone ever tell you you look just like Modonna! She was in here last night! Really!
You could be her twin!"

"Really, my car's not far...where are you parked?"
"oh.... you took the bus?"

Insom: I got a little tear. Really.

Insomnia - As ear worms go, this is much better than the orignal song could ever strive to be.

MKJ - That is one lucky horse.

So, where are the pictures?

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