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October 17, 2005


"Can you wait in the patrol car for about 20 minutes? I really need a little evidence of a felony."

(Thanks to Bob Kingsbery)


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Officers making multiple visits to a massage parlor. I'm sure this is a FIRST.

Will someone teach me the secret handshake now?

OK, Judi. Did you use the phrase "working hard" in this post on purpose, or did you just nominate yourself for "Headline of the Day So Far"?

"We thought it was a reasonable investigation method."

Reasonable! That was downright public-spirited...

Oh, so it's ok for some people to "massage," their breasts as part of an acceptable health regime but as soon as a man tries to get some sort of equal treatment an investigation is launched.

Right on, Cheesewiz. Testify.

...and did anyone notice one of the women in the story is named "Suk"? Tee hee...

"We thought it was a reasonable investigation method."

And I'm sure they drew straws to see who would have to be the lucky gu . . ., I mean the victim of the crime.

If only they spent as much as twenty minutes...

Officer Pete: "Hey, Bob, what's up?"

Officer Bob: "uh ... investigation of a felony?"

Officer Pete: "Whoops! Yeah, that's not all."

If you want the whole story....


"...and did anyone notice one of the women in the story is named 'Suk'?"

Note to self: Stop drinking water while reading this thread.

Unrelated to this, but hey, I've been away:

re: the earlier Playmobil Security Checkpoint, note the following:

What similar items do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?

11% buy Playmobil - Getaway Car by Playmobil USA Inc (Rate it)

Good link, Elmo. Nice to know what those tax dollars are going for. Considering the quote at the end of paragraph three, page two, of the affidavit, I wonder if Officer Moore is known around the department now as Officer Dribbler. The young lady sounds sort of disappointed with the results of her work.

Hmmm... Lynnwood's crime stats for 2003 include 3 murders, 4 rapes, 35 robberies, 26 aggravated assaults, 9 arson cases, and 2,528 reported instances of burglary, larceny or theft, and car theft. Guess they solved all those.

Myong Gin Chow = Gym Goon Winch

Not much to work with

*zips in*

HEY! A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

*zips out*

Comments about massage parlor raids really rub me the wrong way....


From The Smoking Gun:

The State is not opposed to releasing the defendants on their personal recognisance.

And neither is Officer Ron Moore (now known to his cow-orkers as Ron "The Handi-ma" Moore). Hey, someone tell Ron Moore's wife and kids to Google for "ron moore" handi.

Mrs. Moore: Honey did you have a hard day at the office.

Ron Moore: Yeah. You don't know the half of it.

Mrs. Moore: (inaudible)

Ron Moore: Yeah, it really came in handy today, but I didn't get anything to eat.

This investigation is a hard job but someone's gotta do it!

20 dollar handy-handy? I remember when you could get 5 dollar su*ky-su*ky. darn inflation.

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