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October 13, 2005


This is a fine idea, as far as it goes. But it cannot compare with the legendary WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop (audio here).

Key Quote: "The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement."


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"Pay-by-Touch?" Is that something you do at the Bunny Ranch?

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

I love love love that episode. Would rather watch that than Macy's parade.

am confused (nothing new)....

if piggly wiggly is in SC & GA, why is the story coming from SF?

Blurkerette, because Pay By Touch, who authored the press release, is headquartered in SF.

Another good use for a finger!!!

The legendary Les Nessman....head and shoulders above Walter Cronkite, as far as I'm concerned.

so if i wish to borrow money i gotta say, "lend me a hand"? Or "show me the finger"?

I wonder if people are racing to get the turkeys to feed the desparate snakes of South Florida...

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

I'm with Kilmeny; that's my favorite quote out of it. Along with "Oh, the humanity."

I love that episode. FYI, it's only domestic turkey's that can't fly. Wild ones do.

Les Nessman. I never missed his Weekly Farm Report. Very few Rock format stations do a farm report like his...

Wild turkeys can fly, but not very high and not very far... They generally have bodies that aren't built for long-distance flights...And I think if you threw them out of a helicopter, they might drop like a bag of wet cement, too...

i'm just disturbed at "pay by touch" and "piggly wiggly" following yesterday's pork porn trauma.

Kathy P. - they don't flap very far, but they sail nicely.

That is one of the funniest moments EVER on television. I really miss that show.

...and Dr. Johnny Fever's intro at the end of Les's report:
"And now, it's time for more rock, and less Nessman!"

'Finger Scan', btw, wbagnfarb...

It might be a tie, but the Thanksgiving episode from Bob Newhart Show and the line:

Whatever you do -- don't look in the dishwasher

ranks up there to "With God as my witness..."

Bob(in the supermarket, looking at tomatoes):Let's get stewed.

Howard: Don't you think we should finish shopping first?

God....that was a funny episode. They ought to air that once every Thanksgiving just like the radio play given to "Alice's Restaurant".

Thanx to WKRP, I will forever associate Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" with Richard Sanders donning a ridiculous hairpiece ("R.H.", of course, WBAGNFARB!) WKRP was one of my favorite shows ever. I almost decided to go into radio because of that show, but I let people talk me out of it.

Also: "Turkeys. Why did it have to be turkeys?"

Also: We have at least one Piggly Wiggly here in Arkansas.

From the swamps of Arkansas, Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Bob: More moo goo gai pan.

"Oh, I almost forgot, fellow babies: BOOGER!!!"

a fave moment from one of the best tv shows ever.

dont forget his pronounciation of Chi chi Rodriguese (sp)and the Chihuahua.

I once heard an announcer (in Miami, no less!) 'phonetically' mispronounce the name of pitcher Joaquin Andujar...

Memo to all above posters:

Thanks for the memories!

Long before Bon Jovi was Livin' on a Prayer,
WKRP was livin' on the air.
Funniest freakin' show ever.

My favoite quote is from the Christmas episode where "Johnny Fever" emphaticly pleads to the ghost of Christmas something or other that,
"There's nothing wrong with those brownies!"

Cracked me up.

I agree with Laura! The WKRP Christmas episode was the best one they ever aired. Everyone thought that Jennifer was going to be alone on Christmas, so every staffer showed up at her apartment with a Christmas tree... And a warning from what I've read on the net: If you buy the WKRP DVD's, they didn't license any of the theme music. And does anyone except Judi (Who naturally knows everything) know what the hell the lyrics were which played over the closing credits?

p.s. The "Food Fight" Thanksgiving episode of Cheers was *almost* this funny. It was the only time you ever saw Norm's wife, Vera. "Nice friends, Norm. Get your jacket, we're leaving."

A friend of mine was a high school English teacher. She excitedly told her class one morning:

"I saw Joaquin Andujar at the mall last night!!"

Student: A walking what?


OK, Geezers. How about F-Troop.

Sgt. O'Rourke (after being gone awhile): What's going on here?

Capt. Parmemter (casually): We're hanging Agarn.

Maybe you had to be there.

That WKRP episode still makes me laugh 'til I cry in the same way that Dave's exploding whale story does.

Is that wrong?

Uh, excuse me, but don't these people realize they just traded their privacy rights for a turkey?

IMHO, this promo is the real turkey!

the closing music had gibberish for lyrics, according to some of the WKRP sites I've seen on the net. You can find audio of that pretty easily too, along with the intro and lots of other bits.
My favorite was when Venus and Johnny were broadcasting from the transmitter (due to a bomb threat) and Johnny thought the "phone cops" were after them for smashing a phone.

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