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October 18, 2005


And the Headline of the Day So Far.

(Thanks again to Mollenkamp)


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Better a pair of pallid buttocks than a pair of pallid protuberances. How about a row of rosy ramparts?

FIRST to say "pallid buttocks" WBAGNFARB

Yeah, those buttocks battles are losing propositions... sigh.

note: the "pallid bust of Pallas" mentioned in The Raven is not related.

and the winner is... Simon "Not Really Two Sheds" Starling,

this contest outraged Madonna? Me likey!

Pallid buttocks? A pale ass? I thought a pale ass always won these things.

Why no pictures of the entries???


Is "Mollenkamp" Claire Martin's new alias??

I think "Mollenkamp" is Amy's new alias to throw some weirdo off her track.. Oops, sorry Amy.

I'm voting for the buttocks, myself.

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