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October 18, 2005


If this product had existed when this blog went to college, this blog would never have finished college.

(Via Gizmodo)


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I did'nt this blog ever finished college in the first place.

finally, modern technology creates something i can appreciate!

Hey, whatever gets beer out of the keg faster, I'm all for it.

FIRST, btw? Yay me.

Super Uber - is that what the blog's son had when he was in college?

Uber-Quadro Simulpost - Woohoo!

Oops. Apparently not. Oh well.

Here, here. Same boat, different college.

Some dream of a 3-way of a different sort. For this blog, however, this is the perfect 3-way.

umm, power, that was a foursome. it was good for me though.

I think I'd have missed the dirty joke opportunities that stem from the old hand pumping and the presence of young ladies......... Upon reflection, the foot pump most likely would have increased my chances at serious interaction with the young ladies, since most were understandably unimpressed with pump jokes....hehe...pump jokes...

The perfect present for the high school graduate.

Just great.

Now they come out with a tap for people too lazy to bully eleven people into handing over their beers.

I suppose these people think a$$hole CEOs just grow on trees?

Seeing how today is my birthday (Me and Jean Claude van Damme woo hoo) I now know what my present to myself is.

*clink* A toast to Addicted - Happy Birthday!

That foot pump is the best feature. Now you can keep a mug in both hands and you have an instant sobriety gauge. Once you can't operate it you are through.

My husband and several of his co-workers graduate from their Dual Masters Degree program in December. They so need this thing for their graduation party. Three taps, two dozen engineers...I'd better tell the local farmers to hide their sheep.

As a proud alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, I must point out that this gizmo was created (as were the movies "Airplane" and "Top Secret") by fellow graduates of Wisconsin.

Go Badgers!!

happy birthday 24.

if i knew where you lived, i would stalk you, er, send you a nice gift.


YAY! Its Jaen Claude Van Damme!! Now you must strip naked and explain to me why you made so many stupid movies! Maybe he could star with Stalone in his new one...

My frat was "Tappa Nua Keg".

Three taps means that one would constantly be changing kegs. Is this a good thing? It's up for you to decide!

In honor of Addicted to 24's birthday...

Drinks are on the house!

Aunt- A Texas 6 pack.

You guys are the best thank you very much

Does this mean that during a keg-stand fraternity members can now put one tube in their mouth AND one in each nostril?


It's a good thing it has a foot pump, cuz now ya need three hands to hold the mugs.

Happy birthday, 24! Hey, you also share a birthday with Mike Ditka, Dawn Wells (half of "The Rest") and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hey, I share my birthday with William Shatner.

Go Sox & Spos.

A-24 - The most important person with whom you share a birthday is Chuck Berry, who is 79 today.

"All Chuck's children are out there playin' his licks"
- Bob Seeger, Rock and Roll Never Forgets

1. Happy birthday, A 2 24.
2. I don't like this gizmo. Empties the keg too fast.

Happy Birthday 24. Go Stros!

Oops. Spos are/were the Expos. Go Stros!

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