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October 17, 2005


Here he comes to save the day.....

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster)


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Key Quote: "I guess the snake that ate the alligator was the FIRST domino" (emphasis added)


Well of COURSE the thing to do is pit a beagle against a 20-ft snake. Hope they have back-up beagles.
Back-up Beagles? GNFARB?

That article is waaaaay to long for a Monday.

And this article exposes yet another use for Martha Stewart products.

Sarah J - yeah, maybe, but the last few lines make it well worthwhile...

Problem: Overpopulation of very large snakes
Solution: Train one dog.

Anacondas? Let's see... biggest snake on the planet, they can grow as big around as a man, they've been known to eat jaguars (!)... oh, but hey, they're not venomous! Whew, that's a relief. They just squeeze until their prey dies of suffocation, internal injuries, or drowning ('cuz the anaconda likes to hang out in rivers and will pull their prey underwater). Then they swallow their deer, pig, caiman, jaguar, or what-have-you whole.

After calm and careful reflection, I am never, ever, ever coming to Florida again.

This article is full of so many great things, it's hard to know where to start. The one-stepper is pretty cool, but my favorite line is:
You don't want your snake to end up in someone's backyard.

Was that the tattoo'd husbands nickname?

Kitt, where are you? Bring out your soapbox!

And they don't need a Beagle. They need a parselmouth.

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