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October 18, 2005





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The hurricane's name reminds me of the Flintstones. I wonder if Barney, Fred and ? are on the list on the next time through the alphabet.

If these two ever meet, it will be the perfect storm.

If these two ever meet, it will be the perfect storm.

Yo, Adrian. I'm gonna go knock that storm back out to sea.

(Sorry about the double post. TypePad threw me out, so I thought the first hadn't posted. My bad.)

Fred is slated for 2009, but there's no Betty or Barney, BamBam or Pebbles.

Here, in a blissful melding of post topics, is a recommendation. When the storm blows the power out and we are in need of supplies, we can survive on cans of Stallone's Pudding! (http://www.instonenutrition.com/shop/pudding.asp

Why can't Sylvester Stallone just leave us alone and go off someplace and just expire? After 20+ years of absolutely awful,stupid, amateurish class B movies, this actor (yeah...right) comes back again? Perhaps he got punched in the face once too often.

Q: If too much of a good thing is bad, is too much of a bad thing (hurricanes, Rocky movies) good?

A: Next question.

Has anyone considered that maybe Wilma has been sent to take out Stallone before he can inflict his personal brand of terrorism on us.

Hurricane Fred. Huh. Just doesn't have the right sound to it. Like naming a hurricane "Tim". No oomph.

Now, if Hurricane Tyrone or Hurricane Vinnie came blowin' through, I'm outta here.

Yeeeeegads, did you see that picture of Sylvester Stallone attached to that story? It reminds me of raccoon droppings...

Anybody notice Stallone is starting to look more like his mother?


First of all, who came up with the name Wilma for a storm? But then, now that I think about it, there's not that many mean, powerful sounding names that begine with W, are there?

As for the Rocky movies, the first two were very good movies. That's all I will say.

Except for this: How many of us now have the Rocky theme running through your head?

Egads! Trillian, she's wearing enough lipstick for THREE mommas!! And don't get me started on the scary Halloween eye makeup.


LOL, for your viewing pleasure, here is Mama Stallone in the daylight.

Down in Texas said: Perhaps he got punched in the face once too often.

Did ya see his face? I think you hit on the head.

After they re-read the script they decide it would be better to have "Rocky" as a live action version of the cartoon.. Maybe Bullwinkle will finally kick his taht damn little squirrel's ass.







Wilma has already been upgraded to a Category One hurricane - I just heard it on CNN.

Rocky 34 has been downgraded to a depression.

Schadeboy - the first Rocky film was really excellent, nuanced, well crafted. I'd love to see another film like that. I wonder if Stallone's been a star too long to make another one like that, though. He's relied upon formula for sooooo long...

exactly jamester - I agree. He really had some talent but then he decided to go for the $$$$ - :(

Another hurricane? I swear, if I see a SINGLE locust, I'm going to church. It couldn't hurt to do a little hedging, right?

While I'm there, I'll pray this Rocky things dies on the vine, ok?

I just got terrible mental picture:

Rocky vs. Rocky

Sylvester Stallone vs. Tim Curry

Excuse me while I go bleach out my brain.

Key Quote:

"In the new installment, Rocky, muttering and incontinent in Des Moines, comes out of retirement to pick up a few hours at the local Super Wal-Mart. He ends up locking horns with reigning Wal-Mart greeter Earnest "Smileyface Sticker" Gobson (played with steely-eyed intensity by Wilford Brimley), but his valiant fight ends when he is killed by a collapsing pyramid of Sam's Best soda."

Jilly - *snork*

Hollywood has officially given up. And Sylvester Stallone has officially hit a mid-life crisis.

Stallone looks back fondly to his mid-life crisis, I think.

The theme music for the new movie is going to be written by Barry Manilow.

Dave R - "Tryin' to get the Feeling Again" as the love theme, maybe?
(yeah, I'm disturbed that I knew that, too)

Honestly, you people in Florida have got to look inward and seriously consider what you have all been doing to make God hate you so much . . . .or else, get a three-tap plug for your uberkeg and ride this one out as well.

Aunt Nancy - I can't let this one pass. Tim Curry didn't play Rocky; he was Dr. Frank N. Furter. Rocky (the blond creation) was played by Peter Hinwood.

"A collapsing pyramid of Sam's Best soda"

My favorite Sam's soda is their Dr. Pepper knockoff, Dr. Thunder. I can't taste any significant difference between Dr. T & Dr. P (neither of which is to be confused with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem).

I usually like shopping at Wal-Mart, but I wish they'd treat their associates (employees) better. For those angry with Wal-Mart, I suggest visiting hel-mart.com .

I'm from "huricane territory" (went through Katrina and Rita)and we always make sure to have lots of beer, and lots of ice. However, I have to wonder, and I believe Dave has asked this question before, what's with all these people buying bleach? And is it a rule that you have to go the grocery store, whether or not you are in need of supplies? Just wondering.

I guess you did not go into a state of emergency during Y2K, like the rest of us. I still proudly have bottles of water stashed away from 1999.

The bleach is for old drinking water, that you put in your bathtub,(in case the last bath was to your dog) or the water in the water bed takes rubbery, or for us blonds, used to keep us looking fresh for our better halfs while we are in close quaters during the bad days of being coped up. It will also be good to douse on armpits. Now, if you can actually drink the water after putting bleach in it, will depend on how bored you are. I suggest buying up a few shots
of tequila to kill the smell.

Do NOT use bleach to wash clothes unless you had a loving mother who taught you how to use it.

*adds bleach to Disaster Shopping List along with Duct Tape and whatever other thing that guy said to get to trap yourself in your house without any air*

Mr. Completely - I knew that. I guess I should have said "Rocky to the nth power" vs. "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Hope that clarifies things.

You think a hurricane named after a Flintstone is bad? The next one will be in Greek. That's right, "W" is the last letter -- they don't use XYZ -- so then they use the Greek alphabet.

Hurricane Tipiyotki?

Could be worse. Sly could run for Governor.

Oh, damn -- I was in the Caymans and Jamaica less than a week ago, and saw parts of Grand Cayman from Georgetown to Hell (and back, heh) that still remain flattened by Ivan.

Still, I have to wonder what the locals would prefer -- another hurricane or another "Rocky". Seems a tough choice to me, if one were given.

(Aunt Nancy -- still with you on the RHPS thing, assuming I didn't scare you off when last we "Time Warped". ;-)

Writer Dude - I'm not scared that easily, not by us Time Warping nor by that stupid "productivity enhancer". Sheesh.

Also - my mom is on a cruise ship that was supposed to go to the Grand Caymans and Cozumel. They've changed her itinerary (obviously) and now she's in Sint Maartens.

Wanna dance?

I just hope Wilma doesn't hit Miami. Otherwise the Herald Hunt will have to be cancelled. Let's get our priorities straight.

what we need is this guy for both scenarios

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