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October 12, 2005


A report from Euphemism Central.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Darwin JUST missed on this woman...

6 months experienced required huh. After 6 months you wouldnt have any energy left.

Posted to the wrong item

Well, duh. There, I said it.

I understand why wild predators that become used to human feedings are a bad idea. Still, it seems kind of harsh for the gator to suffer for the woman's stupidity. Nobody "harvests" the grizzlies that the idiots at Yellowstone get out of their cars for.

she learned her lesson about feeding alligators the hard way

I guess she did!!! Did she have to get a tetanus shot??

Addicted: I hate it when I do that - sympathies to you!

Okay, so the woman wasn't so bright to try to feed the alligator by hand. But the Public Information Coordinator (PIC) didn't show too much intelligence either, based on her quote.

Basically, she said that the number one reason they don't want people feeding the alligators is because they could get killed doing it. The second reason is because they can get killed doing it.

Rivera could have been charged with a second-degree misdemeanor, but the officer felt she learned her lesson about feeding alligators the hard way and she likely won’t do it again.

On the other hand, The alligator was captured and will be harvested.

Does this seem unfair to anyone else? The human that caused all the trouble (and who is stupid enough to feed an alligator and think that it can't come out of the water and bite her) gets off with a warning. The alligator, who was only doing what comes naturally to any predator (and at the same time trying to improve the gene pool) gets "harvested."

I'm not sure what "harvested" means, but I suspect that it has to do with boots and purses - either way, it seems unfair

Sallyacious - they don't "harvest" the yellowstone grizzlies because their supposedly endangered - also, other than stealing the ocassional picinic basket, they're usually pretty harmless

A chilling example of the dangers of stupid people breeding. Britney, are you listening?


Maybe we've been approaching this from the wrong direction. Perhaps the offending humans are the offenders who should be harvested. Those would be great signs.

"Warning, Do Not Feed the Alligators. Violators Will Be Harvested."

"Where are you going with that shotgun, Daddy?"

"Down to the swamp, sonny, it's time for the gator harvest."

TCK: you got it. Bags and shoes time for Mr. Gator. And a slap on the wrist for Ms. Rivera.

I wonder if this woman was recently in Australia???
"Worker Stole Human Brains"

"Harvested" ... is that anything like "collected"?

If you harvest alligators....won't they gunk up the the combine?

guess she missed THIS show.

The only reason to "harvest" the gator is so that it does NOT go to another human looking for an easy snack.

<<...she likely won’t do it again.>>

Neither will the gator, apparently...

Schadeboy, I thought she was saying that the number one reason not to feed alligators is the danger of injury or death to the feeder. The second reason is that it is signing a death warrant for the alligator.

At a local state park known for its large gator population, the roadside signs read, "Do not molest the alligators. Violators will be prosecuted."

You just know that's a result of a drunken dare gone terribly wrong.

Darwin was right.

Again, my license plate frame is proved correct. (For those who missed it, my car sports a license plate frame that says, "Six Billion People. Most Are Morons.")

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