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October 13, 2005


They're back!


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Those jumbo squid, they just keep on a'comin.

next stop, MIAMI!

Surely we must be able to tie global warming to this -- call the UN, call somebody!


"Cosgrove thinks it's another sign of global warming. He suspects .. (they) .. became 'disoriented' and couldn't function when hitting patches of cool water, but isn't sure because thousands of the jumbo squid also washed up on warm southern California shores earlier this year."

I find it amusing that the experts are not sure of the reason, so they automatically point the blame at global warming. The above sentence shows the absurdity in their reasoning.

Let's get jigging with them!

Insom, is that P. Diddy reference or a Babe Winkleman reference?

Silly researchers. Global warming, ha! It's the Japanese mafia, I tell ya!

Yet another reason to stay out of the water. Man-sized? Tentacles?? Filled with sharp teeth???


they wonder what's killing them? it's gotta be flipper the firing dolphin

Yep life in Iowa is looking pretty good right now. No Oceans or Snake eating cats. To bad I dont live in Iowa.

Every bit as charming as the swallows of Capistrano.

"Squid. Why did it have to be squid?"

Also, "The Snake-Eating Cats" WBAGNFARB!

apparently some people try to catch them on purpose? Not me. I never try to consume sushi when it looks like the outcome could end up the reverse...

Sport fishers have to release the squid unless they catch them with a cast net or by jigging.

What an exhausting way to catch fish. I'm surprised it's caught on at all.

"Tentacle Dance" and "Lord of the Squid" would be good names for jigging fishermen.

Thank you Dave. I had just started my diet but because of the likes of you now all I can think of is calamari.

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