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October 14, 2005


An Australian school gets tough.


(Thanks to Julieta)


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"Bogey" is a bad word. She should have used "birdie" or "par" instead.

Key Quote: teachers became upset because he used the words "crap, poo, fart and bogey" in his talk at Penair School

I think George Carlin needs to update his routine...

I read another article on this that claimed he was kicked out because he declared that Harry Potter was evil. You just don't mess with Potter...

he was quoted as saying something which implied harry potter was gay.....hence the hostility

You're aware that 'bogey' is the English equivalent of the American 'booger'? Highly appropriate for this blog, I'd have thought.

Apparently, nobody has ever secretly listened to these kids talk among themselves.

If this school denounces the use of the words "crap, poo, fart and bogey" it's a pretty safe bet that they won't have The Adventures of Captain Underpants in their library.

say what you like about her, J.K.Rowling keeps it clean...

Harry: Blimey, the last time I saw Voldemort, I just about crapped my uniform!

Ron: Ssh! Here comes tht old fart, Professor Snape.

Snape: Today, class, I will teach you a spell that renders your bogeys invisible. Now raise your wands...

(Ron drops his.)

Snape: 20 points taken from Gryffindor!

Hermione: Oh, poo!

She's gotten a little more edgy, insom...

Hermione: Here Ron, I'll help you get your wand up.

Dave, not sure where you got the "Australia" bit from, this all took place in England.

But too funny- imagine, "booger" being outlawed as swearing!

The "Harry Potter is gay" comment is wrong, as explained in one of many retractions collected here.

The comment that "he's not the only gay in the village" was apparently a pop culture reference that the kids would get. My guess is that it is meant to indicate that there exists another option, not that the person referred to is gay (NTTAWWT).

Clearly this man needs to be invited to post on this blog. As a fellow proliferator of crap, poo and fart comments, he would fit right in. And then there's that whole penis thing.

Clearly the school doesn't have it's story straight as to why the good Reverend Taylor was asked to leave. I bet the real reason is that he was banging the (married) principal and she didn't want her hubby to find out.

Gee, this wasn't just a big ad for his new book was it??

I've been reading this site for a while now, but I've never posted (cause you are all sooo funny, and, well, I can't compete. Not yet, anyway.) I know ignorance of the acronyms is no excuse, but someone please tell me, what is NTTAWWT? I did check the acronyms link and I couldn't find it. Help?

southerngirl - not that there's anything wrong with that (an homage to Seinfeld)

Actually, "Crap, Poo, Fart, and Bogey" was the original name for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

This guy needs to quit while he's behind.

Or come here, as other's have said.

Have any of you seen this before (kinda unrelated)


Hey, have any of you seen this?

Try this

Insomniac - thanks! It all makes sense now.

What a poo, fart, and bogey, Pwour it's gross!
My bum smells pooey when i was in the looe.

Sit Down Miss Jones a done the fart.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Sand.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Flowers.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Breakfast.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Police, who is from Disney's Lady And The Tramp in 1955.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Postman.
Sit Down Miss Jones A Stinky Fireman.

I'm Miss Smith from 'Maltese Canary- Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries episode.

Why Is In The Canary Catch!
and my boy said to me and he tell me 'Sit Down Miss Jones', and i said to him 'My name is Miss Hyden Smith' Not Miss Jones.

My name is Policeman and i'm from an old film 'Disney's Lady And The Tramp' in 1955.

I'm having a go with that woman named 'Miss Smith' from 'Maltesed Canary- Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries' episode. My bum smells of sewage and stench like the 'Whitley Whiff'

Sit Down Miss Jones I picked my nose with my finger to get some bogeys from my snotty nose.

'Auhhh! ih!' i've done a poo.

Sit Down Miss Jones- 1996

I picked my nose with my finger to get bogeys from my nose.

yuck, it's gross. My bogeys smells of cheesy feet and white smelly socks, i poke my trunk.

mille mille mille, i poke my nose trunk too. yeah!

yuck, uuh, gross! My bogey snots smells of Blink cheesy feet and white smelly blink socks, i poke my little beaver nose.
I'm a female animal character from Woodland Lake in Franklin.

oops, i will most forgot to say, my farty bum smells of blink pea poo and my feet smells of blink bogeys. poo!

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