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October 13, 2005


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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i wonder if he has hurricane insurance

I know art, that isnt art.

Is he slated to open a gallery anytime soon?

Oh man, talk about inspiring evil impulses. I so want to kick one of those. Or maybe just push on it veerrry gently.
Because I'm evil.

It's the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things!

As a guy all I can say is cool.


More northern Californian antics: gawsh I'm embarrassed (and secretly proud!).

I saw "Guy Art". I saw "Posted by: Judi". I thought "Yay!"....sigh...this did not rock my world. Guess I shouldn't take Judi for granite.

Shale post some gneiss naked men pictures soon for you gals, better slate than never!

I used to date Art and honey, that's not Art!

That guy rocks!
Sorry about that.
I meant to say he's a bad ass. My bad.

balancing PLUS rocks! of course you want to kick it over! but it's art!

Art or not, that is pretty kinda maybe sorta cool.

...Though he's still just trying to rip off Andy Goldsworthy. :P

talk about guy art check this out .... only a guy would design this...


or if you prefer a slightly more political rendition

Bubbles with George

Orcel, love bubbles with George! Maybe he'll fall on the rock art!

If you knock it over you might get charged with basalt and battery..

YOU might call it art, but lots of people think it looks like schist..

That's about as fake as the p*nis Tommy Lee uses in that video with Pam Anderson. I don't believe.

California, huh?..I bet he is stoned..

Y'know, despite his obvious proficiency with rocks, I bet this guy can't do a handstand...

If you carefully direct George's flight, you can put him in a compact position that some of his less elegant detractors acuse him of adopting regularly.

I've actually seen this guy in San Diego doing his thing - a Wyland gallery was hosting him. He is exceedingly boring to watch. But I think the finished product is cool, art or not. He may be stoned, but I can tell you he doesn't drink caffeine!

Did I see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background? Meaning, he does this balancing rock thing in a city where the ground has a nasty habit of suddently convulsing at the odd moments.

Wow! The bubbles thing is less disturbing and a lot more fun with George!

Oh, and Brad. I have stood next to Tommy Lee at the urinals and I hate to dissapoint you, but that ain't fake. Well, you would have looked, too.

That's not art! I like old-fashioned art, if it hasn't got a sawn in half cow or an unmade bed with a used sanitory napkin on it, it just isn't right, it just isn't art!

Hi folks,
I'm the sponsor / designer / webmaster for the rock-balancing site Dave linked to.
Yes, it's real; I learned how to do it, too, and so can you.
It may not be Art, but it's an art, craft, discipline, and a bunch of fun. Blows people's minds, I assure you.
Want to learn? There's plenty of lessons, tips, etc. on the site, and Bill will either answer emails or post suggestions on his blog.

If this was on "Is This Anything"?, I think it would be something...

There's a guy in my neighborhood that lives on a busy street and has an elaborate and precarious stack of rocks at the end of his driveway. Every few days someone knocks it over and he puts it back up. This has been going on for years. I see that he has relatives in California. (For you Columbus bloggers, this is on the south side of Broadway between High and Calumet.)

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