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October 18, 2005


Something new to blame for those extra pounds!

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)

(UPDATE: Whoops. The link should be right now.)


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It's times like these where I just hate being downstream from Canada. hahahah


Wrong link, eh?

Mr. Floatie is bummed out?

I missed the weight joke.

Wow! I've been looking for a list of arbitrary conclusions! My book of unsubstantiated nonsense is almost complete!

*zips in*


Whatcha all talking about?

*zips out to get cake*

Hard, crunchy mastication... sounds kinda like gettin' busy with yourself using a handfull of corn chips. And yes, I am fully aware that there's a Cheetos/orange appendage joke in there somewhere.

All I have to say is: Bite Me.

Personally, I prefer chips. Until I get to work and read this blog. Then I get to put them away!
BTW, Eleanor, how was the cake?:)

Imagine how frustrated Starr Jones must be.

I knew that it couldn't just be me!
I mean, that is totally shocking.

Jillywilly - That's the line ("hard, crunchy mastication") that got me, too. They make it sound so dirty!

Because I often visit this site at lunchtime, I'm often masticating while reading this blog.

THERE'S a visual for you.

And did everyone notice the link at the bottom of the article to this story? So stop eating your cake and get out there and get some.

[Please note the very phallic tombstone picture]

If only those women engaged in more "hard, crunchy mastication", they may not need so much cake. It works for me.

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