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October 18, 2005


We're not making fun of people's names any more, so we aren't about to blog this.

(Thanks to Bryce Donovan)


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Yeah, yeah... I saw him in a cameo appearance in the Deuce Bigalow movie!!!


Still, nothing beats Cardinal Sin, my all time favorite name.

Niiiiiiice photooooooooo.....

Beautification is another priority for Manlove

well, you want to keep yourself looking nice....

Senator Swartzenegger( sp?) calls him "Girlie Manlove"..

I don't think that this guy is alone.

(and no, it's not that kind of a link.)

What about this guy?

I rather prefer the guy pictured below him... the one who looks like he's inadvertently choking someone's prop puppy.

If you scroll down the page, you can see that several of the city councilpersons had their photos taken on the same set.

I wonder if that's books or wallpaper behind them...

Oh, yeah. Like this is the VERY FIRST TIME this unfortunate S.O.B. has had his name made fun of. Are we, as adults, supposed to be BEYOND that type of infantile humor? (Yes, and screw it. Ca-ca, poo-poo, kaka-dooty.)

I have always loved (to laugh at) this guy's name. Thank you SO much for bringing it to light for those not in the area.

Is "choking someone's prop puppy" a euphemism for some kind of perverted act? Would "The Perverted Acts" BAGNFARB? "Enquiring minds want to know!"

Hmmm... maybe he'd have better luck running for mayor of San Francisco... NTTAWWT, of course.

Goog L: No. What are you, some kind of doodyhead?

IBW: I don't think "choking someone's puppy" can be construed as anything BUT a perverted act! Although he could just be masticating.

Last of the little guys!!?? Do these people even think before they come up with there slogans?

oops their not there

And they elected him mayor in Texas?

Favorite name-of-the-day here: http://www.albany.edu/faculty/sywang/

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