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October 14, 2005


We're concerned about deadly space flatulence.

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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An astronauts can be blown away by his or her own intestinal gas

You can say THAT again. Also, what the hell's "firedamp?"

Heeeeere, I'm floating in my tin can...

Today's equation

Toilet humor + Lunch = *urp*


"Astronauts...are using a soft plastic hose and air-pumping device...that conveniently sucks waste into a fixed container"

Sounds like the thing that guy was using in that video yesterday - you know, the guy that wacks off hogs for a living

in other words, the waste removal device can double as an entertainment system

firedamp (n): (1) Gas that occurs in coal mines and is explosive when mixed with air in certain proportions. It consists chiefly of methane (CH4, natural gas or marsh gas) but always contains small quantities of other gases, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, and sometimes ethane and carbon monoxide.

Hmm. Almost 40 years ago, (this December) Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks aboard Gemini 7 orbiting the earth. Jim said is was "like spending two weeks in a men's room." I'm pretty sure Farts in Space (GNFARB)are nothing new.

"in space, there is no such thing as toilet humor."

Wasn't that the slogan they used to promote "Alien"?

Oh, Farts in Space wbagnfarb

"In space, no one can hear you fart."

To space went Dusty and Rory
living a great sci-fi story
Dusty let a whopper
Rory shoved up a stopper
and said "do that again, you'll be sorry"

"Houston, we have a problem."

Sounds to me like this is just begging for a Dave Barry column.

So when astronauts speak about the space shuttle 'outgassing', is this what they really meant?
"Comrade Yuri, no more borscht prior to liftoff..."

Now Playing: Mason Williams "Classical Gas".

So often they romanticize space travel. And then stories like this come out and reality sets in...

In space, air filters care for us
a fart can more than embarrass us
and menace us, threatening the
air that we breathe

This fact it was drilled in us
it was on the course syllibus
there's no excuse, no-one to
blame, only me

For I surely knew enough
to be sure to avoid this stuff
but I comitted the sin that
can more than embarrass us

Oh, how can I ever tell them?
Soon enough they'll smell them
last night I had Limas, Tsing-Tao
and asparagus

The new astronaut mantra: "Beano is my co-pilot."

maybe that explainsthis

Wait, so what you're telling me is that the flames we see around the space vehicles during re-entry is really austronaut farts? I mean, their butts are facing that direction on the way down...

...jus' sayin'...

Flatulence is also a big problem here on Earth in California:



TMI, guys! TMI!

Pirateboy: Good one! Classical Gas! Snork.

" no toilet humor in space." Has Dave cleared this kind of crazy talk?

Maybe they should vent it to the outside and use it as a renewable propulsion system.

Where exactly does "firedamp" fit on the periodic table? Is it a noble gas?

I just want to know who Justin Barber is and if he is related to me. And, if not, if will he marry me as it would prove a convenient arrangement since we wouldn't have to fight over the changing the last name bit...

Christobol: Game over!

"Deadly Space Flatulence" WBAGN... oh you know.

During a walk in space, I can see how one good fart could propel an astronaut into another solar system.

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