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October 14, 2005


Here's the perfect accessory for the woman who wants to show off her puppy.

(Thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy)


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Apparently they could only find one dog in all of Dogdom who actually likes being in this thing...

Dave, you seem to have linked us to a very peculiar fetish porn site (NTTAWWT?). All I see are smiling women holding dogs in small harnesses.

I suppose I should be glad it's not a hog purse.

Here's a thought. Those things dangling down? They're legs. Why not let the dog use them?

Yeah, I need one of those for my newfie...

Oh, now I see, it's a "purse" for carrying your dog in, as opposed to a purse made to look like a dog--which would just be silly.

I know it, Pete. My Great Dane wants one in black, but they don't have her size :( Discriminatory!!

Yet another sign to aliens that humans are very low on the totem pole. We carry the dogs and we "collect" the pig s*men.

There are plenty of folks who see nothing wrong with carrying a dog in a purse while smoking and wearing a nose ring. For example.

See who salutes your Yankee Doodle doggie when you walk by in star-spangled splendor. This comfy cotton PuppyPurse makes the perfect flag-waving fashion statement for you and your patriotic pup.

*choke* *gag* *urk*

Urgent clarification--it's not just for women.

Spinner is correct. And that photo was taken as his wife was driving away with the signed divorce papers.

Spinner is wrong - any guy who will willingly wear the dog purse is not really a guy


Imagine the poor bastard who tries to steal that purse, eh?

Spinner - let me just say this; if any man were to show up where I work, or anywhere near it, with their dog strapped in one of those things would certainly not be a man when he left.

I just have one question...Where does she keep her makeup?

Regarding the shoulder purse, you'd better hope Fido doesn't think you smell like a fire hydrant...

The Mardiwoof dog does NOT look happy.

Her name was Lola ...

That dog looks so damn smug.

In case anyone was wondering who the target audience for these is:
For those who are not afraid to be flamboyant -- a PuppyPurse designed to turn any outing into a parade.
Also: Make a personal statement with a feathery flair.
In other words, I don't think that was a wife that guy was waving to.



*I'm glad I own a Rottweiler, I'm glad I own a Rottweiler, I'm glad I own a Rottweiler...*

Last time I tried to "Love my puppy everywhere, not just at home" I got a citation.

With ya, Nance. My German shepherd would not be caught dead in that. Or most likely, I'd be dead for making her wear it. She already has a stupid name to live down. (breeders are such strange people!)

For the record: I do NOT own one of these. I swear. You will not find a photo of me with one. Nope, nuh-uh.

Well, I've bought my dog a coat for the winter, but I draw the line at buying him a purse! And forget about earrings and a navel piercing too!

Scroll down the Blog to the Britney article. Mr. Spears may be spending all her money but he is willing, in exchange, to carry a girly dog tote.

The marriage just may work out after all.

Kilmeny: *snork*

"We need to talk about setting limits. You can love your pet, just don't LOVE your pet."

I remember when a doggie bag was something you brought leftover steak from a restaurant home in..

" Honey, drain fido's anal sacs please..I'm going to the mall with him in my puppy purse and I don't want him seeping on my new sweater.."

well, at least she didnt want to show off her, eh, pussy.

tropichunt - so that IS you in spinner's man link! AHA! Just as I suspected - very cute!

And spinner, in your other link did you notice that for any of the purchases there was No Discount Available! Probably because of the huge demand, doncha think? :)

Dave, this would make the PERFECT Christmas present for Amy Tan and her microdogs so she doesn't have to keep carrying them around in that gym bag.

Didn't Batman have a Shitzu in his utility belt?

Catwoman: ...So you can dangle from this rope over the pool of sharks, tigers, and flu germs until this kitten eats the tuna off this plate, which will set off the buzzer that startles the gerbil that knocks over the dominoes which, if they're set up right this time, will ultimately push the button which begins your slow descent. Meanwhile, I need to take a dump. See ya, Crusaders!

Robin: Holy cat shark tiger flu buzzer gerbil domino capers, Batman! I just soiled my codpiece, again.

Batman: Be calm, my little boy of wonders. Fortunately I am prepared for this, because I remember the last three times catwoman put is in this predicament. If I... can... just... reach... the... Shitzu... in... my... utility... belt..........AH! Got it. Ouch!

Robin: What is it, oh masterful one?

Batman: Little bastard bit me.

Robin: Maybe he doesn't like the cape. Oh no! He scared the gerbil!

Batman: Dang.

I'm wondering how male dogs like this thing. It looks like there is no accomidation for "the dangly bits". Do they make a special model for dogs with basketball sized neuticles?

If the dog's neuticles are basketball sized, he won't fit in the clutch purse. If he has balls, (and not those fake ones!) then he won't allow himself to be put in handbag anyway.

Eleanor: Nope...keep looking, tho! I insist, you won't find me with one of these things!

(really...you won't)

So far all the only model we see is the little white fuzzwart. I want to know if they have an extra-loooong version for dachshunds...

C'bol *SNORK*

It's not just the lack of discounts that concerns me, Eleanor, it's that they proudly proclaim that they accept School and Library Purchase Orders.

Why would a school or library need to buy these things?

You mean your library doesn't have a Small Dogs in Purses section? I suggest you write to your congressperson immediately.

spinner8 - it could be a learning tool for the Home Ec Dept (do they still have those?)

And these would be so handy if you needed to evacuate in an emergency and couldn't manage a regular carrier, and they're so much more fashion-conscious than Evacsaks. I mean, Evacsaks may be very practical and lifesaving and all, but they seem to come in just one color, and completely lack decorative feathers. Think how drab you'd feel with your cat or small dog in an Evacsak, when the evacuee next to you has her pooch in this.

The little white dog is saying, "Just kill me now"

My dog is getting old and a little creaky in the hind legs. This is probably the only way that I could get her to go for a walk. In fact, if she finds out about this, she will probably steal my credit card and order one while I'm at work. Of course, my dog also weighs about 35 pounds. This would be a bad thing. Besides looking stupid.

From a different perspective... Have you ever had your legs (or arms) dangle for any length of time? The get all tingley, then numb. Do you know what would happen if you put the dog down after and hour or so. Major dog comedy, that's what!

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