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October 12, 2005


When did it become fashionable for grown men to wear dressy shirts untucked? I'm talking about men who are going to work, restaurants, etc., wearing nice long-sleeved shirts with the shirttails hanging out, as if they forgot to tuck them in, but they did not, because they are participating in a Fashion Trend. Whose idea was this? Will it be going on long? Can we at least have the Surgeon General warn men that if they participate in this trend, and they are over a certain cutoff age -- say, 22 -- they look stupid?


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If you were a shirttail would you enjoy being stuffed unceremoniously down against someone's hindquarters? I think not. It is about time that shirttails receive the proper respect, just like any other piece of clothing, minus undergarments, to be out in plain view. Wouldn't you rue the day, Dave, that you come back reincarnated as a morbidly obese man's shirttail? If you do, you better pray he follows the current trends!

I'm the first to blame Friends for this trend...well, that or Bill Gates...

Dane - you'll be relieved to know that here in Chicago, even undergarments and lingerie are having their day in public.

Attention all men who care: a shirt with a straight edge on the bottom is to be worn out; a shirt with a "tail" is to be tucked in. The fashion police are watching.

All I know is that I'd rather see the tail then the underwear. On guys, anyway.

I wonder if the tail-out look is meant to cover the insane pleatage going on with trousers these days. They add pleats to pants as fast as they add blades to razors. Eventually you get so many pleats that your lap looks like a very old person's neck. It's a theory in progress.

So ... what does this "trend" mean as regards "shirttail" relatives?

just askin' ...

I not only wear my cap backwards and leave my shirt out but to completely "finish" the look I tuck my pants into my socks. I'll tell you I am the cock of the walk....or at least something like that.

I think that tucking in shirts or anything is highly overrated... fashion.. who cares.. we should all just walk around in our pajamas and chill. I have to tuck in a 3 inch thick shirt for my daily uniform, so I have reason to complain.

Ahhhh...the "work from home" look...nylon athletic pants (cotton lined, of course) a t-shirt, and a crew neck sweatshirt. Time to go mop that floor!

This past weekend, I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt (note to neatfreak: it had a straight edge). I had it tucked in my jeans. My husband and son (age 12, going on 30) were with me. Son sighed disgustedly at me, rolled his eyes and said, "MOM! Untuck your shirt - you look like a total geek!"

I clasped my husband's hand a little tighter. We both smiled and continued walking (with my shirt tucked in) to the store. I would have started singing to embarass our son further, but couldn't think of any song about shirts tucked/untucked.

Can we at least up the age (say - to 30)? I just had a b-day and am already feeling old as I sit here with my "dress shirt" untucked typing this.


I was going to explain the whole thing, with references to parachute pants, Indiana fashion, men's guts, and mumus, but some portion kept tripping typepad's spam police, so now the world will just have to suffer.

No, no, no you guys: The untucked-dress-shirt thing is Carson Kressley's fault all the way. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

MOTW: "Honey" was the song you were looking for.

I have to tuck in a 3 inch thick shirt for my daily uniform, so I have reason to complain.

MzVette: care to explain?

Tracy Ullman did a routine where she said the cutoff age where it was acceptable and cute to wear a backwards baseball cap was 18 months. For grown men it is just pathetic...like Friends, as tropichunt guy pointed out.

MOTW: It's fun to tuck your t-shirt into your shorts, pull your shorts up high so that the belt is above your navel, and wear socks with your sandals, THEN take your teenager to the mall. I think next time I may add a backward ball cap.

Oh, and Dave, don't worry. Fashion designers are getting rid of the untucked look altogether.

Thanks for the advice, mud'. What you propose sounds great for Dad.

As a mom, I think I can boost the embarassment points to TILT if I wore a crop top to show off my stretch marks from having 3 babies who each weighed 9.5 pounds. (Then Son will be begging me to tuck my shirt back in again.)

Jeff - Sorry, I never learned those lyrics. How about the theme to the Brady Bunch?

wow, dave - when did you become the fashion police???

MOTW, I've always found going braless will totally embarass your children.

It's a camouflage thing - the shirt tail out is a way to cover the beer gut. The cap backwards thing is to detract from the fact the wearer has a receding hairine or a half bald head.
Unless you're under 25, then it's a fashion thing.

I believe what Dave refers to is not the entire shirt tail being out - just the rear. If you wear your shirt untucked, that's one thing, but to leave the backend hanging over your trousers, that's poor taste.

Dave, it's the most fashionable when you wear something (sweater, jacket, whatever) over the untucked shirt tail that only comes to your waist! That completes the look - try it, then take a pic with the CrapCam for us!!! :)

Dane - Just hope that if you are reincarnated as a morbidly obese man's shirttail that he has already used the anal douche. And lots of paper towels.

And let's not even start on women who, despite being (by conservative estimate) 438 lbs, wear those skin tight leggings and a shirt that stops well above the floor length it should be when you wear those pants. Have you ever tried to count the cellulite rings in those pants? Then you've never been behind one of these fashionistas in line at the grocery store...

MOTW - My dad always just made up words for a song to embarrass us. Just humm and go laa laa shirt tails, laa la shirt tails!!!

This is part of the dumbing down America conspiracy, to not only make sure the kids are stupid, but also look stupid. It's working because the x-genereation has been known to go without food to pay hundreds of dollars for jeans with holes, and sneakers they thing will make them jump higher. Just try to tell anyone under 25 that you should actually wear a coat when the temperature goes below freezing. You will get a look of utter comtempt and disgust, even while you are snug and warm in your coat and must watch with horror as they go into the first stages of hypothermia.

Of course, the President is to blame.

* warming up * . . . * mi mi mi mi *

It's the story, of a fashion faux pas
With their shirttails freely flapping in the wind
They were forking over all their money
Yet they were not chagrinned

It's the story, of a humor columnist
Who was busy with a hiatus of his own
All he had was just a blog and an assistant
So he was not alone

Till the one day when the columnist wrote a fashion thread (work with me here)
And we wrote that it was much more than a hunch
That this 'fashion trend' would somehow fall apart soon.
And Dave Barry'd be the first to throw a punch.

The Fashion Punch! The Fashion Punch!
That's the way we keep throwing a Fashion Punch!




As a proud member of Generation X, I would like to point out that though we are occasionally stupid, and frequently unorthodox, we are all also over 30 now.

Mudstuffin! MOTW! Brilliant as usual!

I go with the mixed color and pattern plaid flannel shirts...two of them. Oh, and of course multicolored moccasins and plaid shorts and dark socks.

But because I wear the shirts untucked I blend right in with the under-22 crowd.


I still stick by my conspiracy theory, you just proved it by catching my mistake. Baby Boomers were dumbed down too,(remember, we use to wear TIE-DIE teeshirts) actually, this conspiracy of making all Americans stupid was probably started by the French.

So, can any of the more intelligent bloggers inform and help me on the exact age of each catagory? What's the cut off age of a generation X?.. and what are the babies called born at this moment? Z, or N-generation? Is it a letter? Is it possible that we are color coated in classes? The rich are blue... the 300,000 households are purple, the middle-class are brown or yellow, and the bottomers are red? I think this would help us. Enquiring minds need to know.

"It's a camouflage thing - the shirt tail out is a way to cover the beer gut"

Annie nailed it here. Those of us who are still single but have yet to shed our entire "collegiate beer collection" need to be able to walk around with some self-esteem, don't we?

Also, for me, the tucked/untucked thing is a clear line of demarcation between being at work or not being at work--a freedom thing, if you wish.

The "shirt untucked look" is a unconscious conspiracy wrought by two factors: (1) Looking neat, trim and like you care about fashion is very much associated with gays and gay aesthetics (at least in the minds of barbaric, uncouth men) so that barbarian-type men will of course dress in a way at furthest remove from anything smacking of gayness. (2) Guys with really bad love-handles/beer-bellies and flat bums, who realize wearing a shirt untucked gives you an advantage -- oh, and you don't end up looking a fag.

Bottom line: dressing like a slob = non-effeminacy. Gee, how brilliant.

Tucking your shirts in at ALL times is the gentlemanly thing to do. Teenagers and some adults don't realize what a difference it makes. 99% of teens do not tuck their shirts in. Someone should give teenagers a clue. I think everyone should because it makes you look respectable. Show some dignity. Obey your mother and show her that you DID learn something from her. She knows that all men should tuck their shirts in. So take an extra second each morning and tuck your shirt in. It's one of the easiest, most simple ways to improve the way people think of you. Tuck your shirts in, Boys!

Good word "c".I'm an employer, and untucked, to me, has sadly not got their s_ _t together in general!They always said I'd make a good colonel,lol!

holy cow! for DECADES, I only WISHED this fashion would be acceptable! This spring, I worked (videotaped) a Muslim wedding, and I couldn't help but notice how nice yet comfortable the men's garments all were... no tuck in's there... this summer I started going to a new church where the Pastor and staff have the untucked dress shirt look with casual pants, jeans, etc... I'm 43 with a complex from childhood of "TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN!" ...WHY???? It looks stupid unless you're Humpty Dumpty. Its uncomfortable in comparision, and hard to keep it in and looking nice. This current fashion is totally liberating to me, and I look forward to dressing like this nearly every day now! Plus, I no longer give a rats... if anybody thinks it "should be" tucked in. Haven't found that commandment in the Bible!

Thanks for the opportunity to join in here!

I really think what every individual likes is fine...

Hi, is it better to buy a ready-made suit of a very famous brand or make or have a tailored suit without any brand at all?

A nice brand is like an admission that you have bought something really nice and valuable, but a tailored suit would definitly fit better, so what's most important??


haha...hey this is a pretty good topic! usually I don't worry about this. if I'm un-tucking a shirt it's cuz the shirt/look/situation is casual and I don't wanna look like an uptight dork. hey I'm (well) into my 30's, but then I refuse to grow up anyway, so.... my question mark is the workplace -- where I (almost) always tuck my shirt in for business casual. I work at a major corporate office, but still we are business casual. The biggest rule is a shirt should have a collar (which I also break too if I have a very nice dark color crewneck. But lately, I have seen other guys (and so I have taken to it as well) wearing these Havanera shirts. They're latin shirts (hey I'm in L.A.!!) They have flat-cut bottom, and usually two large stripes in the front. They look plain weird tucked in because of the stripes and the shirt style. When I saw others wear them (to the office), they left them untucked. The problem is I still feel strange, kinda like I'm breaking some rule, by wearing an untucked shirt at the office. It's a nice look, un-wrinkled, but just puzzled whether I should wear it... or sell my soul to the devil and wear stupid polo shirt and khakis every day like another mindless cog in the corporate wheel. haha!!

You know what? This is going to be a shallow comment - be warned! Slim guys with decent figures should tuck in their shirts, sweaters, whatever, as much as possible. Not becuase it's what your mother told you to do, but because I like to see what your made of, front and back! I want to see your shape, boys, and especially your butts. Also, a sweet belt bisecting your frame is also very sexy when it's the right belt. A tucked in shirt these days says "confidence" to me - a guy who's not afraid to show what's he's made of. So, slim dudes, next time you're toying with the idea of tucking, GO FOR IT! I'll be glad you did!

i am 13 and i have to tuck my shirt in at school i find it realy uncomfortable and its stupid but rules are rules and its realy weired for girls cos they dont suit it aswell

How about people with legs up to their necks? You gotta go with untucked sometimes.

I’m far more comfortable being un-tucked, if you don’t like it don’t look at me.

I say whatever you want! I'm 22 now, dads 51
he always wears a polo and khakis tucks in with a belt.
I wear band tees and jeans untucked and never ever wear a belt
yet somehow we've lived together for all these years without changing the way we dress, a little suggestion every once in a while, otherwise that would be it!

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