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October 17, 2005


Now they're taking away our children's inalienable right to bear goldfish.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Can we still flush em?


Of course Flushing Pythons wbagnfarb

How dare they try to prevent an eight year old the right to beg his parents for a pet by promising forever and ever that he will take sole responsibilty for it, thus causing the parent to allow them to buy a fishbowl that the child will put in his room and admire for a week, then forget to care for the fish and clean the bowl and just generally remember that the fish is even there, except when he and his friends decide to perform an experiment wherein they feed the fish cat food until the fish croaks then to cover up their crime hide the fish in a tin can in the closet until the parent declares that if she doesn't find out what the smell is in that room, she is going to burn the house down.

Just sayin'...

Feel better, Kilmeny ?
*leaves a chocolate bar and backs away slowly*

*grabs chocolate and shoves it down her throat*

Much better, thanks!

If goldfish are outlawed, only outlaws will have goldfish!

Outlaw Goldfish WBAGNFARB. I think.

"...the willful bruising of bananas shall be considered a class three felony and punishable by no less than one year in Her Majesty's prison or a fine not to exceed a lot of freakin money or both.
Four legs good, two legs better.

If someone (not me, OK?) flushed a lot of goldfish over the years, could someone (still not me) make restitution by now flushing a piranha?

Yes jamester, that's a fine idea....

And what's wrong with flushing them anyway? They're still in water, yes? So what's the big deal???

They're upset because the fish die, Eleanor. I try to avoid upsetting these people by flushing fish while they're still alive.

On a related note, does anybody know if Drain-O works on sturgeons?

Thanks reneviht - I thought it would just be like a swirly bath for them. The goldfish equivalent of a jacuzzi.

But - don't they get flushed down the "loo" (how fun, I'm speaking British) after they die in the goldfish bowl???

Why would anyone flush a live goldfish? That would just be mean.

I guess it's pretty evident that I was not allowed to have any pets as a child.

Well, I had this one goldfish who liked being flushed. She made me follow her down and pull her back up after every ride. I didn't want to, but she had a mean left hook for a creature without any arms. If I wasn't there in 60 seconds, she would come for me...

My mom was way ahead of her time. She never let me play any games at the carnival where it was possible for me to win something that was alive and would have to be cared for. She knew who would end up caring for it.

Love the reference Cheesewiz,
d*mn drunken animals

Imagine being sent to jail for that!

Guy: Hey, so, what'd you do to be landed here?

Cellmate: Triple homicide. You?

Guy: Goldfish.....I also stepped on a kitten...heheh

Hey, Bumble - seems like the obvious thing to do, right? But if all moms were like yours, then these people would have nothing to gripe about.

(Not these people, those people.)

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