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October 17, 2005


And we mean at all times.


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I see Dave is not the only person to own and operate a CrapCam.

I spy something....brown!

Dave, you're just finding out about that camera NOW?

I thought this article was more interesting.

"The cat, named Five Toes, was born with two tongues and five toes on each paw."

Does this mean that the cat really has EIGHT tongues?

MOTW, a hairball will kill that cat soon.

Why, oh, why, would anyone want pictures of anyone else on the toilet? Perhaps he was just concerned with her colon health. Is she one of the "regulars"?

He'd lent her his anal douche and just wanted to make sure it worked. Everyone always jumps to conclusions about innocent things....

From the article:
Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

Dave, please keep us posted with updates on this developing story! :)

Assuming the "supervisor" is a guy (what else?*snork*), when he goes to jail he'll be able to watch lots of people going to the bathroom. OK, they'll be other guys, but - hey - you take what you can get!

*hee, hee, I said goes*

Smile! You're on *can*did camera.

"Anal Douche" WBAGNFARB---but only a punk-rock band.

Also, did anybody click the "smallest cat" link on the 2-tongued cat story? AWWW, CUTE!

THIS article is far more interesting...

Wasn't that cat thing blogged the other day?

And the local6 News Team don't look very perky.

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