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October 14, 2005


Surely they're confused by all the mixed messages they're getting from adults.

(Thanks to Larry Fern, Michael Winograd and Mollenkamp)


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Obviously, if they went through security first, the pacifier might have never gotten through, which would have pacified the SPCA!

I've seen that FIRST story before, but not the one about the play security checkpoint. And correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the sheep normally be chased by a dog, unlike the woman's assertion?

Why does a six year old have a pacifier?

Woowoo, that's a good question. Don't 6 year olds have thumbs?

LOL. I love how all the 'first' and 'second' posts were COMPLETELY off.

And on topic, I love that security checkpoint toy. Wonder if it beeps. Can the dolls be strip searched? Can the shoes be easily removed for X-ray? Anywhere I can find this information before X-mas?

KOW: Off? I don't understand. I disregard any initial posting I find, making mine first. *shrug*


They should make it more fair. Give the sheep guns.

Then, while the kids are chasing them, it'd be fun to watch them stop every once in a while and try to work the guns with their little hooves.

sheep chasing is a problem? Good thing they don't know about this

Playmobil also sells safecrackers and gettaway cars. Not to mention... PIRATES! Woo hoo!

if a dog were chasing the sheep, it would be shot

no border collies in New Zealand?

They shouldn't worry about kids chasing sheep. Most likely they'll grow up to be engineers. Then they should worry.

Re: Playmobil security checkpoint - I believe the cavity search version is available from Lego. ;)

Aunt Nancy,
what's wrong with engineers? besides being very geeky..

-very geeky indeed

Giddy - nothing's wrong with engineers. I married one. But there's a running joke where my husband works about engineers from South Dakota (where men are men, women are scarce and sheep are nervous) "helping sheep over the fence". As a matter of fact, a guy my husband works with got a pair of Velcro gloves from his wife as a birthday gag.

Wairarapa-Bush Rugby Union has planned halftime sheep-chasing to keep the kids amused.

But the event, held many times in the past without controversy, has this time drawn the ire of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

You just knew this was Bush's fault. I bet Karl Rove is pulling the puppet strings on all those sheep.

To me it says nothing more than it is okay to bully animals. If it were a dog chasing sheep it would be shot. Our children need to be taught to respect animals.

So shooting a dog is not cruel?

To me it says nothing more than it is okay to bully animals. If it were a dog chasing sheep it would be shot. Our children need to be taught to respect animals.

So shooting a dog is not cruel?

At least there was no microwave or soup involved.

And "Six-Year-Olds With Pacifiers" MightBAGNFARB.

"Rugby Sheep Chase" WBAGNFARB, as would "The Wairarapa Rugby Chiefs"!

The Inside Scoop on the Playmobil set...

Something about that Playmobil security checkpoint is just wrong. So very, very wrong.
p.s. This is my first on this topic, so that first is good enough.

Also, two blogs over from this one (courtesy Dan G.) comes this tidbit:
The TSA has been considering using commercial data for Secure Flight, but came under intense criticism from privacy advocates, the Government Accountability Office and others..The TSA secretly tested this procedure without informing the public -- hiring a contractor that collected 100 million records -- which brought sharp rebukes from the GAO and privacy advocates. The agency apologized and reissued its privacy statement.
Secretly collected 100 MILLION records!
How you can keep 100 million of anything secret is beyond me.

He, thats fun you know something aboutit
. I just read a german article about the city: a beautiful place down under.

Well sct, they failed. That's why you know about it.

Playmobil are often considered a major competitor to Lego and that is true in some ways but not others.

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