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October 14, 2005


(Thanks to Addicted to 24)


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Gee, and we all thought he loved her for her brains and personality.

Ow my eyes...WTF is up with that outfit? Is she so broke all she had left in the shoe closest were a pair of cowboy boots.

And she refused a prenup. Good decision.

Is K-Fed carrying her purse, and is there a dog in the purse? Good freakin' grief.

Joe Jackson (Michael's dad) will whip Kevin into shape!

It's only fair he spends her money. You couldn't pay me enough to carry that little dog in a freaking basket!

he IS running behind her carrying the dog in a basket (using the term "dog" very loosely - "rat" would be closer to the truth) - that should be worth some serious money right there

so sad. she seemed like someone who is a good judge of character...[CAN I JUST SLAP THESE PEOPLE?!]

Lynne is not about to let Kevin squander all of Britney’s money

right, cuz she doesn't want him to spend it all and not leave any for her...let's not forget that this is the woman that is responsible for making Britney what she is today...

And please make sure judi doesn't scroll down to the snippet about Johnny Depp coveting women's clothing! *sob*

Did you guys read the last paragraph of the article? Apparently, there is an NFL player who had a mustache that was of crucial importance to America, and he had the nerve to change his style and REMOVED his facial hair! Now people are actually signing petitions to get him to re-grow his mustache.

Hee hee... scat got to it first!

They apparently are saving money on Brit's clothes, too.

Is that a "dog purse?"

Well, that's what he gets for wearing a Yankers cap...

*dodges tomatoes from NY readers*

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