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October 17, 2005


...or is there a snake in your duvet?


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One wonders if this, too, will be made into an opera ...

Key Quote: Her husband-to-be, gym boss Alex Munson, 34, said he thought his partner was joking at first.

Heh, of course he tought she was joking. He knows that guys who work out a lot have small...er..nevermind.

i love that they felt it necessary to mention he was originally from australia :) makes him a Manly Man, i guess!

HOw did the snake get into their falt? It ssssssssslithered.

Yes, judi, that's probably it - because if he were a Scottish man he'd probably be playing golf (isn't that all Scotsmen do over there?) and tell her to have it be gone before he got home or his "snake" wouldn't be available that evening!!!

"You-know-whats. Why did it have to be you-know-whats?"

judi & El~ I guess they think all Australians are as adept with snakes as Steve Irwin. Crikey!

Ok, I meant to type "flat", not "falt", DUH!

In the first part of the story, the snake was a two-foot long orange python that lunged at her. At the end, it's a harmless baby corn snake.


Was it Australian as well?

Sly - after it "lunged", it "shrank".

They do that, ya know!

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