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September 30, 2005


This blog can only shake its head.


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. . . sequel to her book CONFESSIONS OF AN HEIRESS, which will include a partially empty journal. . .

So, basically, sharing with us what is on her mind.

What kind of an advance does one get for a partially empty journal, 'cause I've got a TON of them I need to unload.

If she gives me video footage of a certain time of her life, I'll be happy to do some detailed research for her.

Fans? What fans?

Maybe she and Twitney can co-author a book - then it would just be COMPLETELY empty.

(Bloglits - would love to hear your ideas on what such a book could be titled!)

You know that allegation has to be false - anyone with her money would not be drinking Jack Daniels.


Fans? The same ones that wrote all the stuff that fills the blank pages!

Confessions of an Heiress
A Tongue-in-Chick Peek Behind the Pose

How 'bout Confessions of an Airhead

Oops, forgot the ?

mud - perhaps she keeps Jack Daniels around 'for the help'.

It's also nice to see she occasionally likes to corrupt America's youth on a person-to-person basis instead of through the mass media.

Paris and Britney, Rotting America's Brains One Lobe at a Time

a book with blank pages from paris is not that interesting, BUT, go down the page to the links and check out alice cooper's paris-mocking plans for his tour.

Is "bad driving," really an official charge? Not in D.C. or the beltway would be empty.
Sounds like she was pulled over by socialite, police impersonators out for a lark with the common folk.

*feels Stan coming on*



To quote Austin Powers:


Why you dissing me?
What did I ever do to y'all?

well, at least there will be lots of pictures - she may be a spoiled, rich airhead, but she's a hot, spoiled rich airhead

Chapter 7: Stuff I bet they have at the grocery store.
Chapter 8: My dog wrote this!
Chapter 9: If we'd all donate our doggy-bags, there'd be no world hunger. Nine ideas to fix the world.

Book title: "More Stupid Stuff That the Little People Will Buy". When you open the cover there's a voice chip of her laughing.

"Britney & Paris: Two of the reasons we get hit by terrorists"

Britney can read???????????

Getting people to pay you money to be included in your book? Is Paris related to PT Barnum by any chance?

I would pay for her 2 write a book thats completely blank. nothing she writes is worth my time or money

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