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August 19, 2005


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Mommy Daddy ! Mommy Daddy !
What ?
I've got gas !
Go back to bed ..

I just snorked Diet Mountain Dew all over my computer monitor, but it was worth it. Thanks, judi!

Did anyone else notice the suspicious looking feet under that gas bag? BTW, The Floating GasBags WBAGNFARB.

stolen gas? i thought that was something from a really big walrus.

That cracked me up! LOL!

No matter how hard you pedal, it's not easy getting rid of a trail of gas.

If he breaths that, will his voice be squeeking for weeks?

When I saw this I wondered where the "No Smoking" warning sign was, or the "No Cell Phone" warning, or the " Do Not Remove Tag Under Penalty of Law" warning sign was... where is the gov't to protect us from floating sacks of flammability? (as opposed to the walking sacks of flammability that IS the gov't)

Notice they send the expendable KID to retrieve the highly flammable substance, safely (?) packaged in 12 yards of cow stomach or something.

"Papa I'll be good, just please don't send me to get the gas!!!"

Oh, dear God, please don't let anyone pull that kid's finger.


(apologies to Leetie)

This scares me. With peak oil right around the corner, the chinese coming online for energy, and now this photo which clearly shows what they will do to obtain the energy they need, we lazy Americans are in for it.


*wipes tears from eyes*

That AC, what a character.

Sheesh! What a gas bag!

I'm tired of all these diesels driving down the middle lane of the freeway!

Chinese photojournalism really showed up America here. I mean, when was the last time an American so-called photojournalist got a picture of, say, bank robbers, in mid-getaway?

Shouldn't that read "Gassy Thief?"

The photographer shot this in the daytime with ambient light, otherwise his flash would have set off the methane into a fireball, thereby eliminating both bike rider and paparazzi, which means there would have been no photograph for us to see.

The Confuciousian Riddle: How many other events have happened that have led to no photograph being taken, and how would we know?

Quick! Somebody cut the pipeline between the Chinese oil fields and the blog!

Q: What is the difference between the Chinese kid's cargo and Rush Limbaugh?

A: One is a bloated, dangerous bag of gas, and the other is the Chinese kid's cargo.


Good one, AlanBoss!

For all you right-wingers out there - insert Ted Kennedy for Rush Limbaugh in AlanBoss's joke.

Just trying to be fair!


Fair enough AN!

You Westerners are so dense you don't even recognize the new Chinese tricycle air bag used to protect us from being rearended by one of our many fuel efficient water buffalo powered two-wheeled transportation devices.




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