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August 21, 2005


Land of Wonder.

(Thanks to Amy)


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They got nothin' on Texas!

Yukky - but funny also!

cow chip throwing is also a fine Iowa tradition.

most cattle in Iowa are raised for beef however so the "chips" of grass fed dairy cows in the Land of Cheese are possibly more suitable for throwing.

Maybe if we shot sh*t instead of bullets, wars would end sooner.

I can't fathom the kind of mind that comes up with an idea like this. But I suppose that's a good thing.

"I've touched far worse things than dried cow poop," claims women's champ Laura Wilcox, without going into detail - for which we can all be grateful.

"Prairie du Sac"? maybe we can make a guess what else got launched!

Because I read this blog on a regular, if every 15 minutes 24/7 is regular, basis, I would be polishing one side of my cowpie on my pant leg before I threw it. "Oops, sorry Mayor!"

Maud ~ Sad to say, I can come up with two things I've done that are worse than dried cow poop. Emphasizing dried, of course. Hydrated I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Anyway, the two ickiest things I've done at the greenhouse where I work are a) sorting rotted seed potatoes from good ones and b) emptying the Japanese Beetle traps. Let me assure you, both of those things are much grosser than they sound. But at least those tasks have a purpose. I can think of no good which comes of flinging poop, other than the amusement of some... unique persons.

yes, chimps look at us in wonder, "They don't even have to fling their own poop!"

How are you feeling today???

El~ Swollen & tender. It'll pass. *wanders off to make Lipton soup*

I wonder. Do these people sport Sh!# heaving grins?

*sound of crickets chirping*

All right, I'm going.

Good Job Amy!

I don't see why this is news, however. I have to do this at work every day just to keep my job.

At my job, I have to shovel it.

On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin!
Fling that poop real fine!...

As a former amateur cow chip (shot straight from a bovine) flinger, I was once buffaloed (pun intended) into flinging against some professionals. As a radio personality at the time, I ballyhooed the upcoming event by mentioning repeatedly how unfair it was for me to have to sling bull against professional bullslingers like the local sheriff, county commissioners, mayor, city council, etc. The local sheriff, a friend before the event, didn't speak to me for a few years. No sense of humor, I guess.

give's "i shot the sherrif" a slightly different twist.

please forgive me, i just can't stop myself.

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin,
`Long as it's not mine!

(many applepollywoggies to insome)

"Swollen and Tender" wbagnfarb

Hmm. A band of fat soulful people maybe.

"Swollen and Tender" also WBAGNFA (Elvis Impersonater) RB -

just sayin'...

"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead."

~Johnny Carson

Btw, Dave was quoted in this September's Reader's Digest. Pg. 115.

I always thought that Washington D.C. was the Cow Poop Tossing capital of the world.

You said it, AlanBoss!

BTW, Bumble, ABandofFat wbagnfaoverweightrb.

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