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August 17, 2005


Because guys are always meeting challenges that we didn't even know existed.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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uhhh... first?

and what flavor popsicles? grape tends to stain the stick...

I saw this, and I believe it's a fraud. There cannot be more than 14.9 million popsicle sticks forming that ship.

Comforting to know there will be toothpicks all around for the family of sharks waiting for that boat to capsize.

That's actually kind of neat, but I wouldn't get on a body of water in it. Hope they're all wearing life vests.

Yes, life vests!

Then when the sharks show up they can be bobbers.

scene: on Baffin Island, as millions of splintered popsicle sticks wash up on shore...

Inuit son: I told you! I told you!

Inuit father: You're right son, I guess the ice cream man isn't coming this year.

is it just me, or does robert mcdonald have way, way, way too much spare time on his hands?

Bummer, Dave. I think I deserve co-credit for this one since I sent it in at 8:52 this morning. I'm only asking for half credit as my story didn't have the picture, but I bet I was first.

I really want to see how fat Captain Rob is after 15 million popsicles.

Useless imagined factoid: If they'd used tongue depressors (which are 18% larger), they would only have needed 13.35103 million. Now, don't they feel silly...

"A dream come true.."

Some dreams are loftier than others....

Now if they had used tongue depressors, as punkin suggests, that would have been something else....*snork*

good one, punkin!

HEY, I sent this in at 6:33 am! How early did Mollenkamp get up, anyway?

"I never want to sniff, uh... I mean look at glue again.

I sent it in at 6:23 a.m. Central time--yesterday.

*snork* D'you live in Europe, then?

Nope, I live in the USA.

All this obscures the fact that the ship actually floated.

Also, Viking Lollystick WBAGNFARB.

Mollenkamp - that's a pretty cool picture, and it is great that it floats! Think, if after 2 years, all that glue-snif -er, I mean , well, you know what I mean, if the boat went into the water and sank with a thud!

Question: Who is this Mollenkamp and why is he competing with Claire Martin? That's Jeff's job.

And next week on the news, and update on Amsterdam's new obesity problem.

Waaaaaaay too much time on his hands.

That is all.

Ah, sailing across the Atlantic with your first mate by your side and a hot glue gun on hand for emergency repairs. Just like the vikings of yore.

hey, he's from my hometown! never let it be said that us J-action-viller's don't follow our mickey mouse dreams. (just hope he didn't use elmer's glue)

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