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August 18, 2005


We turn to experts.

(Thanks to Chris Cornell) (Wait a minute, that Chris Cornell?)


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Next up, death comes to the tall and short alike...



Not yet, jamester, we need to wait for more funding for our "research" before we can announce the findings.

Or, in another example, recently the wealthy on Malibu beach were forced to allow public access to the public beach. The horror...

I understand several applied to FEMA...

What's "hirbus"?

"Subrih" backwards.

Hubris, on the other hand, is a greek word meaning "excessive pride".

"these destructive events can strike any society or class depending on both random chance and the patterns in which people live, one expert researcher contends."

A loop, a whirl, a vertical climb and once again you know it's time for.....

For advice about living with animals, here's a bit of poetic justice.

Ah, things are good

(checks Bank Balance)

Dammit! I'm doomed!!

(Goes on spending spree)

Ah, things are good

(checks negative bank balance)

Dammit! I'm doomed!!

Lee Clark must be a ton of fun at parties and social gatherings.

I don't know what they're talking about. I slip mother nature a fiver now and then. I'm exempt from natural disasters.

The funny thing is, he's wrong.

At least statistically. Poor people are far more often victimized by natural disaster.

I blame Cher.

I wonder if it really is the Chris Cornell, and not someone with the same name. That would be pretty cool.

Inflatable Cher!

Nope, I'm a less-famous Chris Cornell, though I had the name first. But I like the other Chris' music.

Other news headlines from the same source:
"Scientists Find Ocean Is Wet"
"Study Confirms Men & Women Are Different"
"Experts Think Gas Prices Are High"
"Birds Chirp, Survey Concludes"

"sct72 forgets < / i >".

dunno if you guys know who mark lindsay is, but he sent something in once, and it was REALLY him. i mean the him who sang with paul revere and the raiders. the him who i had a huge crush on for most of my adolescence. that was pretty cool.

*sigh* the face, the hair, the bod.

♪the kicks just keep gettin' harder to find♫

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