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August 23, 2005


It's time to get serious.

(Thanks to bandmate and dominatrix Amy Tan)


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And there seems to be a part missing....well, not "missing" maybe but another FORM of a part that is already there...if it was I might order it for those weekends when Mr Swooshman is at his "softball tournaments"....sigh.

crash test dummies moonlighting?

too bad they cant spell manekin.

How about a warning for those of us who don't want our IT gurus at work to know what dirty minds we have?

Does it come in both circumsised and un-circumsised models? Just in case that's important to you Mrs. Swooshman. :))

or is that manekkin.

oh my

or mannekin?

Is it me or are the feet huge?

Mrs Swooshman, while not Jewish, has a preference for "hatless" ones.

Okay, I didn't look close enough. There are TWO attachments for, well, you know. And did yall see what you can DO with this thing??? Gimme one of them and I gahranteee Mr Swooshman will never sleep sound again!

Speaking of the band, the Remainders web site has expired.

Did you notice that dazed, happy look of anticipation on the one lying down?

Looks like he just can't wait to have his parts manipulated.

If you know what I mean.


I am NOT stalking Amy. I just "happen" to be following her around on the blog. This is merely a coincidence, nothing more.

That is all.

Um, Two questions spring to mind.

First, What on earth would Amy Tan be looking for on ebay that would generate this, er, finding.

B) what would possess her to then forward it to Dave Barry of all people! Isn't that kinda like taping your own "kick me" sign on?

*finds literature on Witness Protection Program for Amy to peruse*

*starts stalking Amy*

Of course Amy Tan would send it to Dave. Wouldn't you? And, for those of us who may not have been paying attention, is our own Amy from the blog (who Eleanor may or may not be stalking--I have no opinion) really Amy Tan?

From my relentless stalking of Amy, I can tell you with certainty that she is NOT Amy Tan. She might be Amy Fucia, or maybe Amy Mauve. I am also sure she is not Blue and White Striped Amy, and (Thank the Lord) she is not Amy Paisley.

*goes back to stalking Amy*

*zips in casually*

*looks around for no one in particular*

*bumps into louis*

What are you doing here?
Nothing, what are you doing?
Leaving - *zips out*

*snaps fingers, becomes invisible*

Invisible? Wow, I thought it was a good trick to write The Joy Luck Club. You can turn invisible, too? No wonder people are stalking you. If you can turn invisible, you probably have other super-powers, though (like shooting death rays out of your eyes, or crushing cars like empty beer cans), so I'm leaving you your privacy, Amy (Not Tan).

Christmas is right around the corner . . .

I'll never be lonely again...

I am truly impressed.
There appears to be an actual music stand in front of Amy!

Um, did you read the list of "Features"?
"Enema administration," bigad! Does the mind reel or what? No wonder there's a nursing shortage . . .

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