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August 19, 2005


But we know she will never date this champion.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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OMGWTFBBQ! I do NOT want to see pictures of this event when it takes place...

And, First.

"No no no, I said 'I hope you HURRY back!'...."

Hey, you know, this isn't fair. Ted already has lots of hair in back. Also, he has a mullet. Haha! This never gets old. Let's all do the macarena and play with Pogs.

So, the prize for the hairiest back is to get all the hair removed? That's like giving the American Idol winner a complimentary laryngectomy.

America's Funniest Home Videos once did a segment on unique proposals. One was a man who had shaved "Will you marry me?" into his back hair. It was disgusting. Marvin, you can borrow my pogs. I know I'll probably never play with them again, but I can't bring myself to get rid of them. :-)

Well, they may want to cut back on the amount of food at the event because I am sure that this is going to put a huge dent in concessions as nausea grips those who are forced to endure.

Who is the G.M. of this team ? Bill Veeck ?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

No, wait, the judges have reconsidered.

Bill Veeck?!?! Sean, that upped your geezer levels.

sandy *snork*

And they could start with that guy who was porking (or not) Paula!

I thought I would top Chianca with a quick Google image search of "hairy back" and I very much wish that I hadn't. EEeeewwwww. I won't post any here, but as one of the more tasteful examples, there is apparently a really big (and I mean that in at least two senses) Dale Earnhardt fan with #3 cut into his back hair.

I like the idea for the American Idol thing, I say go with it.

This'll probably rate right up there with the turkey giveaway promotion on WKRP.

Slyeyes, go easy on Sean, you should appreciate the Bill Veeck reference. *Note this might be a double post, technical SNAFU, not my fault. If not, then please disregard the second part of this post*

Peri! Zoodle! i hear a tornado hit somewhr north ( the place, not the blogger)...unless somewhr north ( the blogger, not the place) is also in canada
* is confused*

um...every1 in Canada...i hope ur safe!

Bangi! good to see you. (been so long since i've been sizzled the tail feathers have all grown back;)
n somewhere north is in canada also.
you guys ok?

Tornados are running <strike>rampart</strike> rampant these days. Kind of like back hair. We need an investigation committee to look into it.

Not it!

BANGI!!! We heard bombs were exploding at your university!! Glad to see you are OK.

Oh, and OUR Somewhere North is also in Canada, but OK I believe.

This thread shook me up so much I've postponed my weekend plans to cornrow my back hair.

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