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August 22, 2005


We are not certain if this is a tortoise update or a cricket update, but it is definitely an update.


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Does anyone else have a headache?

"...stroke players?"

"...rise to the occasion?"

"...dead rubber?"

*desperately trying to tingle*

Foreign languages are fun!

Just *zipping in* to say that I do NOT understand one word of this article - and furthermore, I do not care!

"...having seen a Mark Butcher-inspired England hit 315 to win in a dead rubber at Leeds four years ago."

Funny, the same thing happened to me, and resulted in my fourth child.

I think I need more Productivity Enhancer.

*goes to Jolt Cola website*

*orders three semi-truck loads*

"One is the nature of a pitch which began with pace and early help for spin but - after nearly 24 hours under cover over the weekend - appears to be exhibiting neither of those two characteristics."

Do Welsh sports writers just string together random nonsensical phrases in hopes something meaningful emerges? What the H-E-double toothpicks does any of this mean?

will the Aussie tortoise come out of its shell?

don't ask me, I'm circumcised!

I think we need a new warning on this cricket thing, like the traditional OMGWTFBBQ?

As one of the few people here in Australia who doesn't love cricket, I can tell you that it refers to a sport that makes watching paint dry seem interesting. A cricket match lasts for up to 5 days, and can still end in a draw!

Any given sentence in this story reads like the random word strings spammers use in their e-mail subject lines!

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