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August 18, 2005


I'm traveling, so blogging from me will be thin for a few days, he said vaguely. But rest assured that the blog is in good hands.


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yes! now i can go back to sleep.

have a good trip Dave.
n we'll be in great hands if judi'll put that thing down.

Send us a postcard

You people are up EARLY.

No way!! President Allstate is guest blogging?!? Dave, you are so well connected!

This site becomes strangely addictive.

Take the crapcam, please, and let us guess where you are based on pictures of you in front of large inflatable persons.

Are you coming to Indiana? I'm going to need a good laugh in a few hours.

We are always up early , Dave. You are the one who gets to sleep in.

My psychic powers are strengthening. For instance, I didn't need to click on the link to know that the joke was a picture of judi holding an oosik. I could see it in my mind. Impressive, huh?

It's not that we're up late, it's that we're still up. Well, at least in my case. The rest of you weirdos I can not account for.

No kidding, that's what the blog looks like? Then who's that guy whose pictures are at the top of the page?

Amy, it is addictive. If my boss ever checks my internet history, I will be so fired. All because of this blog.

Dave, take the crapcam, and let us guess where you are based on pictures of you in front of large, decorative state signs.

Can we come too Dave? Just pack us in your suitcase. We are a bendy lot.

Marvin ~ you callin us weird or something?

Yeah, sorry. I figured that 'you' and 'weirdos' would be redundant, but I wanted to get the point across ;)

Who you callin' redundant? (But, we are bendy.)

mudstuffin- I guess my powers are working also. I did click on the link though,just to make sure.

let us know where you are.... we can send annoying blog messages to you. wouldnt be the same if we couldnt ...

Even if the thought does make you sick
judi admires the oosik
impressed by it's length
and it's OMG length
she said, "If offered, I couldn't refuse it"

*zips in from

mud, I'm clairvoyant too!!! :) So, can we hang out together??? :)

Dave, do you ever come to San Diego? Why not?

Bumble!!!!! Still here???

Eleanor, didn't Dave do a seminar in or around San Diego not too long ago?

good thinking, that leaving early to get a good spot at the bigfoot conference. you'll be first in line for sure!

... just goes to prove how much mileage (kilometers) you can get from a good photo!

kibby's got a 6 time zone advantage over The Dave.

Are we sure the blog isn't going to Europe because of this?

Victoria - A few weeks ago, the hospital I.S. guys caught on to my constant blog viewing and "Banned the site"....fortunately for me, Dave changed blog addresses like 3 days later! They haven't caught on to this one yet!

*slips dark glasses back on and sinks down in chair*

Have a good trip Dave...I myself am going to Vegas in a week and a half, no blog for 5 days! And I feel for ya Vic, at my last job we got written up for just THINKING about the internet (my husband still works there) but here at my wonderful new job I can be on the blog all day and all my boss does is ask me what I'm laughing about. Then he shows me HIS favorite websites. Great guy.

We want pictures, Dave! There hasn't been a good crapcam photo on the blog since last week!

Punkin ~ What luck! If they ever catch on, perhaps we can get Dave to change the address again. But the dark glasses probably work well enough.

So far, I've had no problems. I have wonderful IT guys. The only problem is the IT guys KEEP LEAVING! I started out with five, now only two of the originals are left. And I know they're looking. I don't know what I'll do.

Punkin Poo --
If you use Internet Explorer as your browser
Menu bar --> Tools --> Internet Options
on the General tab
center box, "Temporary Internet Files"
Click both buttons to delete cookies and temporary files
bottom box, "History"
Click the button to clear history

VictoriaE77 -
Yup, once the market began to swing up again for IT, the Mass Migration began. I lost my boss a couple weeks ago.

Great, Dave

I'll save you a spot. Oh, listen, they were serious about bringing an inflatable replica of Cher.

Just fyi.

Update: Dave, it's not a replica. Though it is inflated.

Just fyi.

MOTW ~ The way the computers at our company are set up, we can't delete the internet history. We can see it, but not delete it. I haven't figured out a way around it yet.



spinner8 - only 70 million pairs of underwear allowed into Europe this summer? and it's not enough?

Someone should tell those folks you can wash them and use them over.

For single guys who are traveling and who need to know how to pick up beautiful girls, just bear in mind that there are two ways:
1) Right way
2) Wrong way


You're futile effort at covering your internet tracks produce an evil, yet hearty, laugh from my darkened cubicle! All the logging is performed within the company firewall, over which you have NO control! If you do it, I know it.

Gotta go, I think something's happening on the bathroom netcam...

VE77 - Instead of going to the blog directly, try going thru a search engine (like www.dogpile.com). Then see if it left anything in history.

VictoriaE77, et al,

oooooK, seems html's are being stripped?


VictoriaE77, et al,
Proxey to get to Dave's blog without tracks.

IF IT Guy doesn't block proxies in the Firewall.


Speaking of travel, here's some good news


The blog is in good hands.


Lunchtime and not a single new post since 6 AM.

Wonder what Judi is doing?

Let's take a poll.

Kidnapped by my Aunt Rivkah, who is force-feeding her a schmaltz sandwich, washed down with a Cel-Ray soda.

judi is meditating while simultaneously polishing her oozik.


I too will be on vacation. But not with Dave. And certainly not with Christobol who apparently has a threesome planned with Bigfoot, Cher and himself. Or did I read that wrong?

Make that an inflatable Cher.

Christobol will be the clean-shaven one.

Make that an inflatable, stubby Cher.

Marvin, I'm usually not up at this hour, since I work nights, but I'm on vacation this week. I can't explain any of the others.---MftI

While Dave's gone, we'll keep up with where
C-bol'll be w/ an inflatable stubbly Cher
Bigfoot will be there, too
Keeping him company, true
He'll post pictures on his website (maybe), there

So is it a Kerouac-ian trek across this great nation of ours , to a place like Lima , Ohio , and a visit to the Museum Of Things People Have Swallowed ? (true I swear) Or is your wife making you go school shopping for the kids ?

Ewwwww! In Lima?

How could something this gross and awesome be in the same state as me and I've never heard of it?

It's true Victoria..This great state of ours makes us Ohio Proud , doesn't it ?

Between this and the butter cow, I couldn't be more proud to be an Ohioan.

An interesting Ohio fact: We actually have two cities called Lima. I guess we just couldn't think of a different name for the second one. Or we’re just that boring.

Which one is this lovely museum located in?

Doesn't look like they could wait.

The one in Allen County ...The Allen County Fair starts this weekend also and , speaking of things people have swallowed , Meatloaf is performing on Saturday night ! What a riot !

I found an article about the museum.

And Meatloaf is gonna be there?

Wow. Ohio rocks.

Speaking of things Meatloaf might eat: Yum!

We have a local big field (Ashburn, VA) where some group is putting on summer concerts. I am not sure if they've had Meatloaf yet, but they've had Kansas, Little Feat, Joan Jett, and a bunch of other 70s/80s bands.

Interesting fact and appropriate typo: It's really easy to accidentally type "Meatload".

Gary: I would do anything for love. But I won't do that.

Traveling is fun and educational, but there's nothing wrong with going nowhere, it's a privilege of youth.

Speaking of Ohio, I just got this anti-michigan picture via-email: Michigan

Gary, are you referring to wolf trap, or is there another cool venue around here that I don't know about yet?

Kjersten: no, although Wolf Trap has lots of old bands, too. There's a field right alongside Rt. 7 right next to Ashburn where they have various events - horse shows, car shows, etc. And now: 70s/80s bands. But I think it's only for the summer.

Another fun summer thing to do is go to the Bluemont Summer Concerts.

Come visit me!

James, are you saying that you are a cool venue in the VA area?

Hey i am also traveling this weekend i onder what would happen if i were to run into the the blog. It would probaly hurt the blog seeing how i am 6'6 300.

Addicted, you appear to have lost a "W". Here is one you can use, then please throw it away. FAR away.

Swooshie: Looks like some people will believe anything. I've got some beautiful swampland to sell.

I am so pathetic. Every fifteen minutes or so I check in, hoping to get a fix of something new. I am a lost soul with no life. Thank God for the dog, he sees me naked and still wants to kiss me.

Thanks for that Amy, I am now shaking my head (somewhat like a dog would) to get that image out of my mind. I too keep checking but apparently Stealth Bloggerette is either 1)Playing hooky while the boss is "traveling" or 2)Playing with the oosik. I am trying to think up some ideas to "liven up" our poor lonely blog but I am coming up blank here. Anyone?

*scuttles back from desk so judi can't smack me for above comment*

Me too, Amy.

You'd think judi would take pity on us and post something, but maybe she's having - dare I say it - A LIFE!!!


The blog is life, therefore life is the blog...where are those little cymbals I used to play in the airport?

amy, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i'm having flashes of last weeks savage love column. you've certainly livened things up but not in the way i was hoping.

BTW, has anyone heard from Bumble this afternoon?

someone in my neck of the woods was complaining about the bands they got for the County Fair (mostly 50s and early 60s groups) when they said, "When are they gonna get the Rolling Stones?" I said "They will. In 2020."

Have you seen Christobol's blog? It's hilarious. You can also try mine, if you have a strong stomach.

If you go to Italy, go see the pope! (Just don't make him mad)

Don't worry; with Dave away, it will let us focus on the most important issues of the day:

Who sucks more, Skip Bayless or Jay Mariotti? (http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/bristol/archives/2005/08/skip_bayless_vs_3.html#comments)

I'm with you, Amy (although I am clothed at the moment, albeit in hip waders and a thong. Dog's just plain frightened). Usually I'm too frenzied to check in here regularly, but DANGIT, TODAY was my slack day. I'm just a pathetic loser mom going thru kid withdrawal.... my baby went off to first grade today. *long, unattractive, snot-laden sniffle* Okay. Better, thanks.

I'm not sure who Mr. Bayless and Mr. Mariotti are, but I am sure they aren't my type (given that they are male - NTTAWWT) so really don't want to find out which one sucks more

...hip waders and a thong, on the other hand, generate all sorts of interesting ideas...




MKJ, this is just like your pic only different.

Jilly ~ I understand. (About the baby going off to school, not the thong with hip waders. Everyone knows hip waders go better with boxers.)

My son starts kindergarten soon. I am distraught.

C'bol ~ We're gonna need a little something done to the pics that crossgirl and MKJ posted. Any ideas?

mahatma... is it just me or does his grace eerily resemble the dinosaur that blinded wayne knight in jurassic park? i haven't been 8 years old for a while so i don't remember the name of the creature... but i'm pretty sure it had that same sort of neck thing going on right before it ejected poison saliva.

cross: you are mistaken, they are identical.

He's probably a nice enough guy, but you'd think they'd've chosen a more photogenic dude to be the pope, I've seen other pictures of him where he looks just like evil incarnate . . .

*enters with a big, frumpy sigh*

I've been monitoring this blog all day, waiting to be inspired to say something witty. Apparently, I am still uninspired.

I hope judi puts that oosik down soon.

Right about now Carson would cue up the band for "Tea for Two."

*fears for the worst*

August 18....will go down in history as a day of infamy....The Day the Blog Stood Still.

Sorry Vic, I'm on double secret hell probation (all relating to the infamous "imploding nuns incident", for which my lawyer assures me I'll be absolved if not outright boiled), and I can't do Pope pics.

If 'yer bored you can check out a [caution on link] random ramparts auction.

I can vouch for Chianca's web site as a cool place.

Or, if you'd rather read about a naked guy breaking into somebody's spa, I can understand that, too.

Anything to pass the time until Judi or Dave post something. Or until Bumble comes out from under the anesthesia for wisdom teeth. Or until 5 p.m. local time.

Darn. I'd try it myself if I had any decent software or talent.

Oh well.

*Hums to self while waiting for clock to say 5:00

...And then....

So, we still haven't guessed where the blog is going. It's a little early to leave to get here, though I'm sure it will be a party when it happens.

When it gets past 100 all bets are off . . .

I just found a trace of judi, she posted to the board EARLY this morning...I told her we were jonesing and asked if she had anything, haven't heard back yet. There's still hope!

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