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August 24, 2005


We don't like the sound of this.

Most Troubling Quote: "Huge snakes are being produced in my farm and I'm selling those to the snake charmers from different parts of the country. But the country could earn huge foreign currency exporting venom after meeting local demand if I can collect the venom from snakes by using modern technology with a little bit of training."

A little bit of training?


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Exactly what kinds of medications utilize poisonous snake venom? Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper just to let the snake bite you?

Woo-hoo! My first first!

They need to venom to make the anti-venom . . . sounds backwards I know.

wouldn't it be cool if we could get some venom from a snake like pat robertson and immunize EVERYBODY from him?

Before we passssss judgement, I ssssay we should wait to hear from our very own bloglit, Bangi_Ssssizzlesss

Bangi, darlin', are you out there? We don't see much of you lately and miss you!

Just what I'd love to hear my daughter say to me some day---Mom, I want to major in Reptile Rearing!

Here snakie, snakie, snakie!

We'll take initiatives to export venom if the environment and forest ministry gives us a positive directive.

Just like bureaucrats, slowing down the pace of progress.

Training: Don't get bit.

Crores of Taka WBAGNFARB

Crores of Taka WBAGNFARB

Amy, Eleanor is looking for you. And she says she is NOT a stalker. Hm.

Dave's quote pretty much summed up the entire article...

Sometimes, on-the-job training just plain sucks.

Judging by the size of their scales, these snakes can't be all that big -- they're being raised on a "medium-scale snake farm".

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