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August 22, 2005


People are annoyed by annoying people.

(Thanks to Amy)


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Hows about badly spelt grammer in a bloug?

That article annoyed me.

This flies in the face of some survey results I wrote about a few years ago. I think that's probably a good thing. Unless your fingers are uncontrollably drawn to your nostrils, in which case it sounds like your life may be in danger.

First? (Picks nose.)

Those bloglits that try to be FIRST all the time are REALLY annoying.

how can something that is done involuntarily be classified as Annoying? or can 'breaking wind' be done voluntarily? and if so, can somebody tell me how?

I don't see the category 'Just Being British' listed anywhere.

I agree with ceeg22. Snoring is NOT a habit.

But I know some people who would like to make "breaking wind" an Olymoic sport.

And I get that those things are annoying, but stressful? I understand that annoying things can cause stress, but to call nosepicking or breaking wind (ain't that farting??) stressful seems a bit blow out of proportion... Just a thought...

re: the cover on the right column - I think that guy should worry about that dog next to him first, before the KGB.

Ceeg22 has obviously never met my ex who would lift a butt cheek in a closed car ON PURPOSE just to be annoying. Voluntarily raising my stress level. Which led to his involuntary removal to a small apartment with a new girlfriend who adds to his stress level by complaining that he never has any money to give her because he gives it all to me because he could never remember that its rude to fart in a car with other people in it.

But I digress.


My vote for most annoying - people who "suck their teeth" after a meal...... MUST KILL!

i agree - big diff btn stressed and annoying. frankly neither is correct - how about just GROSS!

I used to sit in the cubicle next to the guy who would listen to weird anthemic marching music all day... I kind of got used to that and could tune it out... but I could NOT tune out the sound of him:

-clipping his fingernails (this was what drove my stress levels sky-high)
-talking to his mistress on the phone (breathy "Hiii..." eew)
-zipping up his fly as he left the bathroom, toilet still flushing, so obviously not washing his hands
-digging around the ice chest in the freezer with those hands

He farted too, but whatever.

And speaking of his kitchen habits, I used to see him lick his fingers (eew) as he prepared his lunch, and then he would wipe his hands on the roll of paper towels (without removing any of the towels). I started obsessively washing my hands at work after that, thinking that he had basically licked and/or peed on every surface of the building with his fecal fingers.


but *snork* too!

*hee, hee, I said but*

Following up on an earlier theme from this blog, how about people who keep showing off their new butt implants? Now, that's really annoying!

So, Boogers are First!

I knew they were important.

And LEETS- Fecal Fingers WBAGNFARB in the D.C. area. ;)

All I can say is *whew* we weren't treated to another unsolicited view of The Plastic Surgeon's Malpractice Suit Poster Boy.

People are annoyed by annoying people.

And water is wet, and winter is cold, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

We could do this all day.

Summer is hot, the desert is dry, clowns are scary, and stables smell bad.

What really irriates me are people who talk during a movie. And it usually starts just when the lights are dimming. Up to that point, they had nothing to say to each other. Now, they've decided to catch up on the week.

Funny thing is, when the lights go back up, they leave, with nothing to say to each other.

That's why I'd rather watch at home.
That, and because I can rewind when I don't understand what the hell they just said.

Time to recycle an old joke?
Q: Why do gorilla have such big nostrils?
A: Cuz they have big fingers.

None of those habits ever kicked my stress level up as high as it is now, as the second week of construction goes on in the condo next door. GRRR!

Wait; that's a list of annoying things? I thought it was a list of top Humor Column topics.

Booger! Snork! Fart!

I can't believe no women mentioned guys' scratching.

When my husband snores, my dog thinks we're under attack and starts barking. It's more amusing than annoying, though not very restful...

Waitaminnit... Brits are getting *more* intolerant?

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