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August 19, 2005


All that's missing is the mullet.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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First! Mullet!

he spent $250,000 to like like that?!? ON PURPOSE?!?

He looks more like a Drag Queen who wants to be Barbera Eden in " Harper Valley PTA "..

Years of therapy would have been cheaper.

All that work, and he's still an ugly bastard.

Dude looks like a lady.

Eeeeeeewwwww. Looks like Siegfried Meets the Botox Monster. Again, EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW.

I don't think you should tease, though, because some people are so disfiguringly ugly that surgery is the only hope. For example, before the operations he looked like this. (Don't worry it's neither the frog nor Barry Manilow, though maybe it should have been.)

So if he wants to be a "Ken Doll" am I to understand that one of those operations involved the removal of a certain aparatus? After all, Barbie's beau is anatomically deficient, hardly my idea of perfection.

I think he's got a sort of Michael York thing going on (NTTAWWT) but I agree with Sean about the Barbara Eden resemblance.

I think he's got a sort of Michael York thing going on (NTTAWWT) but I agree with Sean about the Barbara Eden resemblance.

I'm with Mrs. Swooshman: EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. That doctor needs to be arrested for making men into quasi-women.


He does look like Barbara Eden, but perpetually surprised. "Wow, how'd I get out of that bottle?"

Did I have to see that? I'm in enough pain already. *shudder*

"I want to look like a Ken doll."

"Everywhere? He doesn't have any genitalia you know."

"Not a problem. What are your credentials?"

"I made Michael Jackson what he is today. Well, not the pedophilia part."

"Dayum! Sign me up!"

After spending 250K on his face, butt, etc, he couldn't afford a freakin' haircut.

NO offence Dave, if you're reading this, but that dude's hair is reminiscent of one of your doos.

Amazing how they nailed the vacant stare.

I'm just guessing the vacant stare came first, before any of the surgery. Gotta vent those fumes, friend.

Is it possible that he left his back really hairy so he could compete in the contest later in the blog?

If my Ken dolls had looked like that I would have decapitated them.

Evidently Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon only knows how to make men look like very creepy marionettes.

OK, "very creepy marionettes" is a bit redundant.

"Creepy Marionettes" WBAGNFARB at Halloween

Excuse me, but the perfect man is in my kitchen, standing at the sink, washing dishes. He's 6'4", gorgeous, and he's ALL MINE!


hope that fixed it


Does he remember to close the italics when he's finished?

Someone help! I can't shut off the italics!

I guess this is what I get for bragging.

spinner8 - thanks for the help. Whew!

He actually looks a lot like the really gay (not that there is anything wrong with that)guy from the old skit comedy show... shoot, what is it. "Kids in the hall"? Sound right? someone help me out.

No problem, Aunt Nancy. The important thing is that nobody got a mullet.

PeeJay, you're thinking of Scott Thompson from "Kids in the Hall." As for the ken doll dude... I need to to wash my eyes out with soap now. Ick.

He vaguely resembles a human being, in a creepy sorta way.

I had a comment in mind, and I'm just sure it was really funny, but then I read the line about a cross between David Hasselhoff and Patrick Swayze and my mind went into total Service Pack 6-like lock up. Between that and the pictures, my brain has been convinced on a very basic level that sensory input is a bad thing.

*dips head in boiling bleach*

You're calling "Kids in the Hall" old?

It wasn't that long ago, was it?

Now I feel old. I hope you're happy.

As a fellow make-up artist, all I can say is that if looking like that makes his career last longer than mine, more power to him.

*zips in*

random observation

One of the best things, IMO, about the DB blog is that there are always enough people to give opinions on both sides of whatever the issue is!

Wait a minute. That's a MAN???

That's not a "vacant stare." He/it just can't blink because of all the tightening he's/it's had done on his face!

Unless I missed it, no where in the story does it state his/it's age. If he/it is over 100 years of age, I guess he looks pretty good. If he/it is in his 40s, he looks like Frankenweenie.

We need a warning before posts such as this!

I looked at the photo before I looked at the headline/article and my first thought was, this guy is a freak, what's up with him? Then I saw the headline and said "Ah ..."

He also reminds me of Tammy Faye Bakker. I wonder if he wears mascara.

What I don't understand is if he looked like a combination of David Hasselhoff and Patrick Swayze, why didn't he quit while he was ahead? Most men would kill to look like that!

There's an ISSUE?????

To me, he looks a bit like I imagine Peter Weller would look after a Prozac overdose and a bite of green persimmon.

On the other hand, he's at least smart enough to afford $250,000 worth of unnecessary surgery. Geez, he could have bought 5 Hummers!

I should also point out this occurred on the Left Coast in a state known for incredible state mandated Worker's Comp benefits.

Where did he get his $?

Drat being 3 days late so noone will read this, but...

this guy may be subbing for Perky News Team 69 Weather "Girl" Kathy Davis...

TV69 News

Now I'm 4 days late so no one is going to read mine either. I just wanted to say that according to the surgeon, this guy has had more procedures done than any of his patients. So, he either got slighly better at performing nosejobs, or Michael Jackson's nose changed a lot quicker than we think.

Okay, it's now September and I'm reading more news about Steve Earhardt than before. Independent Sources has a new post about asking about butt-implant man and so now I'm really curious.

I saw him on Larry King Live and was waiting for the interviewer to ask about his lobotomy!! What a clown.

I see nothing wrong with it. It's your body just like your house whos business is it if want to change it. Didn't your parents ever tell you "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all."

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