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August 22, 2005


This is a test of the blog.

We are doing some really odd things here to see if they will work.

What "work" might mean is anyone's guess, at this point.


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the test gave us hiccups? or cured them?

OK, bend over and cough.

"Normal" work for judi involves posing with Walrus parts. So what does "doing really odd things mean? *very curious*

Can you employ the crapcam??? (We bloglits have so little to look forward to)

Ummm Dave? Do you realize you've developed a permalink? I'm not sure what that is, but you might want to see a doctor. They probably make an ointment for it.

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGH! Did anyone else get a huge electric shock when they clicked the link?? Sweet feature, Dave.

So judi, how is whatever it is working - so far?

Neo! two laughs on the same comment...confirming my theory about pain and humor.

Looks like it worked to me. No wait, it didn't work. uhh... what was it you were trying to do again?

It's bound to be hard to get a firm definition of what "work" means in a job which includes posing for photos holding an oosik.

I've had jobs where we did really odd things when the boss was away but, somehow, in your job, I would have thought you'd save the really odd things for when the boss is there. Poor Dave is in Airport Limbo, while Judi and the Thunder Techs are having all the kinky fun. At least, I hope it's fun.

Maud said hard and firm and posing and oosik and kinky fun. Thanks.

*zips in to see if there are any updates on the "work" progress*

Nope. None that I can see...

*zips out*

Work is a four letter word.

Whatever you're doing, Blogg Goddess, please don't turn it off. I don't know what it's doing for this blog, but it's done wonders for my... oosik.

Whatever you're doing, Blogg Goddess, please don't turn it off. I don't know what it's doing for this blog, but it's done wonders for my... oosik.

And Marvin, Maud also said "bound".

By the beard of Zeus, she did! Good eye.

I notice the navigation bar - where you can go to the post before this one, the main page, or the next post - is gone.

Well spotted, Marvin!

And the trackback link thingy. (Yes, I said thingy)

I noticed earlier today that that was gone.

Judi, the part where, when I clicked on the comments link, I got sucked into my computer and forced to participate in a bunch of video games against someone named Master Control Program, worked just fine.Thanks!

Good. Trackbacks are dumb. You can just link to the comment section or the article itself and give credit to the blog. Also, and I don't know how long it's been like this, but the 'Recent Posts' list on the left is gone. Now all that needs to be done is for Nava to fix the blog clock.

What? It's right? Shoot! What are we supposed to complain about now?

So... while we're critiquing the new blog software (we are, aren't we?), one thing that's really really really bugging me about it (vice the old software) is that I have to now OPEN each item to get at whatever funny thing has been linked into it.

Since this invariably opens at least one popup, and sometimes opens a number of them (Google's toolbar doesn't control my RSS reader's window), this drives me REALLY nuts.

Any chance, while y'all are twiddling settings, that you could find a setting to make this "feature" return to its prior behavior?

Thanks for all the laughs, and even if your new blogware makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY mad, I still love you all! :-D

Should the ringing in my ears be getting louder or softer? Is this part of the test?

Funny Stuff - Ben O.


glad the trackback is gone, it was just in the way.

but kinda miss the "ladder"
(ok, ok, marvin - the navigation bar;)

never did understand the function of the permalink.

darn it, i overslept and missed a test. there goes my GPA.

Did we pass???

It almost looks like the blog of old.


Phew! Somebody sure did!


Huh? What'd I miss?
*looks around, notices nothing different except for the large walrus posing suggestively in the corner*

Hmmm. Normal.



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