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August 23, 2005


Now the bastards are using bathroom Barbies.

(Thanks to LabSpecimen)


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That is a bit freaky. Walking into the ladies room to find Barbie staring at you with that cold, glazed smile.

I do have to admit that there are barbies in my bathroom at home. They hang out in the tub when my daughter takes a bath.

If I were Barbie, I'd rather wind up in a coffe shop bathroom than at the bottom of the toy box, naked and disheveled next to an old Tickle-Me-Elmo. But that's just me.

Naked and disheveled is highly underrated.

Naked and disheveled may be highly underrated, but being at the bottom of a toy box isn't.

Naked and disheveled is what happens after the Buggy Whip Festival.

Is this some kind of female equivalent to the urinal penny?

does bathroom barbie hover?

Wonder if Ken has showed up in the mens room...

So they take items that they find in the bathroom and place them next to the coffee that they are serving that people have to ingest. There's a bit of an ick factor there. That's all I could think of throughout the whole article.

At least they didn't find them IN the toilet...Scuba Barbie!!!

And you thought Dave was kidding.

i thought maybe poor barbie didn't have her own facilities, but i see now, that i was

Amy - that link is very disturbing....

the dolls may not be creepy, but the people sure are. careful where you sit! you could be goosed by chair barbie...

Having Ken dolls hanging around the women's room, THAT would be creepy! GI Joe's are even worse!

lets try this again.

THIS is the barbie bathroom. which is why i'm glad my kids are boys. batman and company never need to use the facilities.

Amy: what Eleanor said.

That first Bathroom Barbie is wearing a slinky faux leopard print dress and a cat's-eye costume ball mask.

Are we sure it wasn't just Ted hitting on women?

Patty Hearst & the Bathroom Barbies WBAGNFA Society RB.

Most of the Barbies have little plastic stands. People who know about Barbies say that means they're special.

Does that mean they ride the short Barbie Dream Car to school?

I have a few problems here, starting with a faction of this country trying to get me to address a slack-jawed, multi-pierced, under-socialized collegian slinging coffee as a barrista.

Second, they never actually explain why it is creepy to look at a 6-inch grinning doll. Those yellow smily faces all over Wal-Mart must have them running for the streets. Get some couch time with a psychologist, right after you get my cup of java.

Sharky--get your own damn coffee!

Martinishark - my daughters have asked me to inform you that the standard Barbie doll stands at 11.5" tall.

That is all.

most of my Barbies are still in their original boxes and no way would I give them away by abandoning them in a public bathroom.

Must have been a slow news day in Lincoln Nebraska. If they're looking for other breaking news to fill the front page, I found a slightly damp sports page and a still-smoking cigarette butt in the men's room this afternoon. It's almost as if someone left it for me to find. Creepy!

P.S. - Is it socially acceptable to leave one's soiled sports page in the stall after finishing one's business? Do you really think anyone's going to pick it up and read it?... oh... and one more thing, did you see that Tiger Woods article on page six?

Forgive Aunt Nancy-- I have a little one who has sworn off Barbies and swears by Bratz.

Martinishark - no problem. At least your daughter swears by Bratz, and not at them.

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