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August 20, 2005


You are not safe anywhere.


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Anyone else reminded of an old Far Side Comic? Two pilots sitting in the cockpit, and one says to the other, "Hey. What's a mountain goat doing way up here in a cloud bank?"


Better than finding a man peeking up at you from your toilet...

I think goats get the short end of the stick in modern society. We need to recognize their inherent gifts and beauty. Ms. Probst exhibited genius and fortitude when she choose to photograph that beautiful goat and appreciate its glory.


Oh fer cry eye... the world is coming to an end! Listen to the goats people! Listen to the GOATS!

Better than suddenly finding someone looking down the toilet at you when you're trying to find your wedding ring and, OH, um......... never mind.

That really got her goat!


Oh, and Terrorist Goats WBAGNFARB

No Damage?!?!?!!
No lawsuit!!


No picture????


No *zip*?

That happened to me once, except it was a billy goat and it was in my garbage. Oh wait, maybe it was a dog. Never mind.

*zips in*

louis, the FCDA told me she was too distraut over the lack of a lawsuit to *zip*

*zips out*

I am also quite depressed over the lack of litigation in America today. Tell her to hang in there.

And.... nice apples.

That's not nearly as frightening as opening your freezer and having a rump roast break wind

BTW, could she have been driving a Dodge Ram?

...could she have been driving a Dodge Ram?
Good point SM! When will human-centric car companies stop the politically incorrect practice of naming vehicles after wildlife?

I'd look under the hood. With all that goat there's gotta be some feta cheese somewhere.

This would have been my headline, "Old goat shots old goat."

Probably not to unusual for a place like Midway: top of the mountains, middle of nowhere, more mountain goats than people.

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