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August 21, 2005


What doesn't kill you makes you faster.

(Thanks to Andy the tropichunt.com guy)


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It says it takes 2.01 cans of Coke to kill me. Does that mean I can drink 2 with no problems?

you only weigh a pound?! what's your secret?

No kidding. It takes 300 odd cans of Sunkist to kill me, and 400-something of Cream Soda.

*wondering if I should have admitted that in a public forum* :blaming it on the drugs

Update on our plastic surgery obsessed friend.

Argh! My eyes!

My goodness. His breasts are perkier than mine.

That ought to take your mind off of your teeth for a while, now to deal with the suffering in your brain....

Thanks Nick(not really)

*wondering if Amy should admit that in a public forum*

I didn't say "bigger," I said "perkier."

You're right. I probably shouldn't have admitted that, either.

Oh my god, after seeing that freaky pic I actually WANT to drink the 230+ cups of iced tea in order to kill myself.

judi - I was going to comment on the weight thing too - 2.01 cans - HAH!!
Methinks go_fish needs to work on his/her math OR go to McDonald's immediately and order everything on the menu!!!!!

*wonders what he to the blog to make them educate him on how to commit suicide with softdrinks, then show him a picture of Ken-doll to give him a reason*

It would take 432.25 cups of green tea to kill me.

Has anyone read the comments section of that site yet? It's, ummm, interesting... to say the least.

I'm assuming you have to ingest that much caffeine in one sitting, because otherwise I'd be dead by now.

Did anybody notice that if you input 0, it says you're a freak of nature and should be cleansed with fire?

*gets back from reading comments Marie mentioned*

*thanks the Lord for the people of this blog*

gosh, I think befor I could drink 55 cups of coffee my blader would burst!

Cool. This website tells me that caffeine is one of the safest chemicals known. I will greatly increase my intake posthaste!

"you are a freak of nature and should be cleansed with fire"

This is the kind of answer that all the combinations of weight and beverage should have. Much more fun!

Coffee - 150 pounds

Drinking coffee turns your ears black, unless you add milk.

I poured the milk in my ears but they're still black

How long do I have to keep the milk there? It's hard to type with my fingers in my ears.

xfdkmbvzxsf[ wa4

92.4 cups of coffee and then I'm dead.

Most Mondays, I just miss that by 4.2 cups.

I just read the comments over there. After being nearly bored to death, suddenly a world war broke out between the Americas and Europe. Sheesh!

60 cups of coffee here.
"war broke out" no thit. couldn't ya just feel the warm fuzzy love?
geezly folks, try the decaf.

I'll need over 10 pots of joe to put the kibosh on my mortal coil. So next time they tell me I'm quaffing too much at work I can have a slide chart made and tell them to go pound sand. (A tand cranky w/o my fix)

82.7 cups of drip coffee and I join the Choir Invisible. But how many can I drink and just slip into a coma?

sometimes, a coma sounds so relaxing. Just a little one, two weeks tops.

weird factoid. you can drink about 20 more cups of brewed coffed than drip(ped) before you croak.

coffed?? oh why not. it is so a word!

Wow... the site's comments sound like they were all written by sociopathic PMS sufferers who've never left their homes and have a collective 3rd grade education. I toast them with 530.3 bottles of Lipton Rasperry Tea. Cheers.

If I haven't mentioned it before, YOU people ROCK!

cyn ~ We'll take your word for it. (har!)

If you ever see me with a 6744.72-ounce glass of Coca-Cola, get help!

*zips in*

cyn - thanks for the 411 on the coffee! It's good info to keep in mind when one is on a coffee jag!

*zips out*


El, de nada! (snork;)

n a collective Thanks Jillywilly ... yer (not you're or your) a pretty rockin' addition y'ownself:)

ahhm Clem,

ya onlyist needs tuh put milk in yer ears when ya's actchully dranking cawfy.



It would take 332.93 cans of Dr Pepper to convert me into an ex-parrot.

246 cans of Diet Pepsi and I'm sleepin wit de fishes...

Man, did you read the comments section? Those people are vile! It's a good thing they closed it before WWIII broke out over the Internet.

They would basically have to hook me up to an oil tanker.

I'd need to drink 71 cups of coffee to die. That's ok, because I only drink 50 cups of coffee a day. Much like

oh my,
i go off for the weekend only to come back to read that we are all contemplating suicide. isn't there a more efficient way? like say, grape kool-aid?

154.77 cups o' tea. That was before I was pregnant though. Bet it is more now, but I ain't sayin'!

How does dying of a caffeine overdose enhance my productivity?

Wait...don't answer that.

What the flip?

I can't open the comments on the gator update. The firewall is blocking it.

227 1/2 cans of Diet Coke - I better get started!

I can drink 197 cans of Diet Coke, as long as I don't drink an additional 0.17 cans.

So I can drink 9 24-packs of Diet Coke and still be ok!

Anyone have a 2592-oz. glass?

brilliant site! happy to be here. Small brain blog: http://skys.jp/blog/archives/200504/06-1228.php , About a year ago I started

MAN! I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. Where can I score some "Beaver Buzz" (it's in the list--I didn't make it up.)

you can get the best Dam energy drink, Beaver Buzz at 7-Elevens. It kicks red bull's ass.

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