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August 17, 2005


Smart cars find their place in the Circle of Life.

(Thanks to Betty Salwak)


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it's a jungle out there...

Note to self: Don't drive anything that resembles a cat toy.

They definitely have to put a video of the lions checking out the car in the commercial.

Of course, they'll have to edit out the bloody carnage part.

If anyone ever deserved to be swallowed in one gulp, it's somebody who would voluntarily drive one of those.

Maybe the lions are attracted to the scent of the Smart car's alternative fuel of the future - hippo sweat.

"Why are the lions so interested in our taxi?"

"Could be the sheep."

Next headline:

Lion dry humps Smart Car

When the cows saw them they were all just like, woah, awwesome . . .

Forget the lions and tigers and bears. (Oh, my!) Can you just *imagine* driving that overgrown roller skate on I-95 in South Florida!? You wouldn't last five miles/file minutes.

Or driving it in LA. Or Boston. Or Chicago. No freakin' way . . . if you value your life, that is.

I always thought it was "put a tiger in your tank."

*alerting Exxon*

Amy: good point

Just wanted to thank whoever mentioned Babelfish, I've been reading foreign newspapers and snorking all morning.

Cars that are lion-bait ---- tell me again what makes them "Smart Cars"

slyeyes - they get such good mileage.

"Is that lion dry humping us?"
"No, he's finished. It turned into a wet hump, actually."
"Well then why doesn't he leave?"
"I believe he's trying to eat the car now."
"This is terrible!"
"No no, it won't degrade our mileage. I turned the car off as soon as he mounted."

I turned the car off as soon as he mounted."

He obviously read the owners manual on how to get good mileage during a humping....sort of a more bang for your buck kind of thing.

...The lions are used to seeing saloons ..." Rex , this safari park isn't big enough for the both of us ..."

Don't go in there driving an Impala ..


news sure does travel fast!

What do they do when they catch one? Bite off the hubcaps?

Just imagine what the offspring will look like...

Sean: *groan*

Quite frankly, if I am going on a safari to a big game park, I much prefer to take my moped. Much more exciting than those wimpy smart cars. I usually take a passenger I can throw to the lions while I make my get away.

It looks like a little hippo.

Except, you know, with bigger wipers.

"Just imagine what the offspring will look like..."

A really large wombat?

The view from inside the cute lil' car.

i do not want to see this from inside anything smaller than a hummer.

okeedookee. the link worked for about 15 mins n then the site moved it. sorry. it was a close up of a lions face quizically peering down at the camara. looked like he was peeking down through a windshield. phooey.


go look yourself if so inclined. animals then lions,
then second row, second from left.

btw ... this is a great site for gorgeous photos of (oddly enough) animals and automobiles.

well, i had called the company n left a message asking pretty please put it back. so this very nice (n amused) fellow by the name of javier flores (hope i spelled that right) called me n left a message explaining that they didn't do it. apparently, our blog automatically dumped it due to a watermark that identified it as a copyrighted item. good thing to know. thanks for the info kind sir! really beautimous photography.

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