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August 23, 2005


More spiders.


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how many were "discovered" on the bottom of a well aimed shoe?

Welcome back oh master of the globblog! Spiders rock.

Okay will someone please tell me how to do a line-through so I don't look like such a dork.

Damn, too late.

"... developed into a unique spider when separated by the geological rise of the Andes mountains range, about 12 million years ago."

Wow. They could pinpoint the exact reason and time when it became unique.

*wonders if the spider has a date on it like a carton of milk*

Well, they have Anacondas, capabaras (Giant rats), pirhanas,fire ants of huge proprotions,toxic rain forest plants, tooo......

Never going to the Amazon Basin. EVER!

But, you should see our Mosquitoes, the EB.

I consider myself to be relatively eco-friendly, but how long until we can put these buggers on the path to extinction? I HATE spiders. New species are not something to celebrate imo.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

<strike> ... </strike>

Get them! GET THEM! Somebody KILL THEM!

Spiders freak me out.

(mind if I call you Swooshie?)

Well....as long as they stay in the Amazon basin, I'm ok with it.

The research took a surprising turn when visiting high school student Peter Parker of Queens, N.Y., was bitten by one of the newly discovered arachnids, and woke up the next day with the proportional strength of a spider and the ability to walk on walls. Scientists are baffled, while the boy's uncle, Ben Parker, noted simply that "With great power comes great responsibility."

MOTW, Thanks, and not at all! As long as I can call you Zelda Pinwheel.

Then again, I'm getting ready for TLAPD, so I'm going by Pirate Doris, the Badly Burnt, Arrr!

9 new species...all of which I will still unhesitatingly kill with the nearest blunt object.


That is sooooo cool.

I got "Scurvy Gums Marilyn."

another pirate name generator


Diversity is important, even in the Amazon basin.

And - ugh and ick

And on a personal note: spiders are not as bad as moths, because they're easier to squish, whereas with a moth, the little bugger flies around and you (or at least me) look like an idiot, swatting the air with a rolled up magazine, while screaming!
(Doesn't everyone do that?)

I believe Chianca was referring to the new discovery Hollywoodicus Tobyerra McGuirerii, a bloated arachnid species found near poker tables or under red carpets.

pirate alena the periwinkle. yo ho ho! i am so looking forward to this:)

Amy and MOTW (aka Doris and Marilyn) I got Captain Jenny Cash. Hopefully I'm related to Johnny Cash so I can inherit some of his money. I mean booty. I mean treasure.


plank monkey elanor here. sounds kinda naughty, hmm?

Just call me 'Butterfingers Augusta', which is much better than the name I get with the 'porn star name' formula. discovering new pirate names is so much more interesting than discovering new spiders.

Mary Cricket Honest Stubble

I'm not too sure I like that.

at least your stubble is honest ... there are worse things in life.

Hmmm. I suppose it would draw a lot of comments if I said that entering "ScottMGS" on the FroggyNet pirate name generator reveals my pirate name as "Paul Nimble Tongue".

The problem, of course, is that my name isn't Paul.

I got "Butt-Ugly Darius Hornigold"
No kidding.
I think I'll give up the pirate thing, if they are going to call me Darius, and just go back to stalking Amy.

All nine of these species have taken up resicence just outside my bedroom window.

Mustn't sleep........

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