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August 19, 2005


Here it is.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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First? I deal with that company and maybe it's just that I'm in the Northwest, but they've always been nothing but nice.

wow. customer service folk are beginning to strike back. where do i sign onto the movement?

Funny but repetitive and it says the same thing twice ..

If you do get "descripitive" bills, you can post the company's name on the blog site, along with the names of the employees responsible, and then let the blogits humiliate them. That's justice, pure and simple.

This is probably their company motto.


Isn't "scrotum bag" redundant?

I meant descriptive. Stupid brace.

bdsb~ *snork* Unhelpful customer service reps? No! Who would have thought? But to be fair, I must mention that the customer service reps at AIWA are very good, assuming you can understand what they're saying.

It's not if you're talking abot a jock strap.

She turned down two months free service!?


*wonders if some hacker's going to attempt the "Insult the Customers" virus*

Knowing utility companies, the easiest way to sort that out would probably be to change your name legally to Jeffery Scrotum Bag Barnes.

At least their customer service reps reside in America. I spoke to "Christine" who wanted to know if Betty was my first name or last name. It went downhill from there.

I do not believe this. Anyone that allows a picture of herself holding an oosik to be posted several times a day is not, by definition, afraid of anything.

Wouldn't it be great if we could select our own descriptive bill?

As in Amy "Extremely Busty, willing, and available" (insert last name here).

Now that would be fun.

OK, stop gasping.

It was a JOKE.

I thought we might have fun with it.



I laughed Amy. Really. I was going to make a joke to go along with yours, I just couldn't think of a way to top it. ;-)

Bumble "single 21 year old who would like a life, preferably with a cute guy" Mumble.

See? Not as funny. :-)

OR - Eleanor "not too old to show you a good time and knows how" (last name)

C+ at best.....

"Anyone that allows a picture of herself holding an oosik to be posted several times a day is not, by definition, afraid of anything."

observer: have you figured out yet that "allows" is not the correct word to use?

judi, as his research assistant, don't you have enough access to delete it from his files if you wish? Or, better yet, wage war. I'm sure you have some embarrassing pictures of him around. C'mon, give us a show. :-)

Here's to judi and the way she posts her pictures!
Here's to judi and the way she posts her pictures!
Come on, judi! Give us a show!
Show Dave's embarrassing pictures!
(uhn! uhn!)

i'm afraid i don't have any "embarrassing" pictures of dave; those are all public! have you seen his book covers? and no, i can't delete that pic from dave's computer. he's got his and i've got mine.

judi, you made me spew pureed cottage cheese through my nose! "have you seen his book covers?"


Oh, and BTW, I too live in the midwest, Chi-Town to be exact, and I utilize that company for my internet service. Just this morning as a matter of fact, I had to call their customer service department because my service was out and I couldn't figure out what was going on. The person who was "helping" me, went over every single detail I had just done and told her did not fix the problem. After 20 minutes she finally got frustrated herself, and said "Well, I'm sorry but it must be your computer." and hung up. I called back and asked for her sup immediately and suggested that this girl perhaps get a bit more training. Oh, and the supervisor figured out the problem. It was something on their end.


There's something inherently unfair about the way Dave's embarrassing pictures are all staged for a photographer, but the pictures of judi are candid. Although it must be noted that judi always looks good in candid shots, whereas Dave must be "prepped" by his photographer.

You're just a photogenic beauty, judi!

judi~ *snork* And Aunt Nancy is correct; you are very photogenic. The book covers could be more embarrassing. He could have gotten talked into the "Dave Barry Exposes Himself" concept.

Him: (walking through door)Hi, honey I'm home!! Any mail?

Her: Lots of bills... Let's see ..."Lying sack of Pubic Lice" that's the cable bill... "Dung-eating Crapweasel" that's the electric, " Syphilitic sister-humper" who's that?

Him: Oh, that's from Mom. Anything else?

Her: Well, according to the credit card people "Knuckle-dragging bucket of sputum" owes $20 in interest charges.

Him: &*^%$! I thought I straightened that out! What's their number?

Her: Let me call this time, dear.

Nice one, insomniac. Like it, like it.

It seems that people are getting named based on how they behave when accosted by telemarketers. This reminds me of that old joke about how Indians get their names based on what someone saw when the child was born.


Two Dogs F**king

The Peoples Energy customer service representative was quoted as saying: "Well, when he spoke to me, Mr. Barnes WAS very testy."

I can't believe that no one has pointed out that Scrotum Bag Barnes WBAGNFARB. Or maybe a business name for jockstrap storage buildings on a farm.

I hope this doesn't get a certain someone all indignant about how there are jockstraps out there who won't find this one bit funny. (not really)

BUMBLE!! You're back! Are you conscious? Unharmed? Feeling the effects of the laughing gas? Go have a Sno-cone!

- Guin

Yes Guin, I survived. Yesterday was rough, but I'm better today. And surprisingly coherent, considering. I required a blog fix, despite that it meant getting out of bed.

"I was like you got to be freaking kidding me," said Govan, 25.

how erudite.

Bumble, I tried to post a note to you the night before the surgery relating how I had the same surgery twenty years ago and experienced a long period of post-operative pain...so long, in fact, that when I was preparing to tap in a putt for a very rare par last Saturday at the club, someone shanked an iron shot from the next fairway that flew about a hundred yards and struck me right in the groin. That's the first time that post-operative pain hasn't hurt me in twenty years.

wow, i have never in my life been to mad to cuss. ever.

Stupendous (Plays Well With Others) Man

*Snork* (ooohoohoo)

good to see you posting! even if you are all hunched over ;D

if they argue that they are NOT jeffry scrotum bag whatever, but instead are arthur boingboing p'tang pewtie, well, who has to pay the bill then?

Stupendous Man ~ Way to comfort a girl. :-)

Glad to see you're (not [not knot, naught, nought, gnawed or gnaw it] your, ure, ewer or yew are) recovering well during post op.

cyn, I post almost every day, but something in the ether makes my posts vanish. It's probably the work of an envious poltergeist.

Stupendous Man ~ It's Peeves!

Bumble, do you mean as in Ask Peeves?

You Westerners are so dense you don't even recognize the new Chinese tricycle air bag used to protect us from being rearended by one of our many fuel efficient water buffalo powered two-wheeled transportation devices.

Judi: I stand corrected. Perhaps it would have been more accurate to say, "Anyone that works with Dave Barry is, by definition, not afraid of anything." I guess I'm saying whatever phrase that is the female equivalent to "You've got a set of stones."

test test test

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