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August 22, 2005


This explains a lot.

(Thanks to just about everybody.)


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Yeah, but what ELSE is there to do in Iowa?

Apparently you missed one of the "related stories":
Dance floor at the fair is crowded

i re-iterate... and as the story says: "The mullet must be three times longer out back than up top, and it must extend from the bottom of the hair."

ted hapta-japta does not meet that qual no mullet there.

Oh, man, I so want to play this game. Who wants to be on my team? I'll bring the Yuengling.

But Queen, those rules were strictly for the Iowa State Fair Mullet Hunt. The most mullet-ey mullets of all, so no question can arise about the veracity of said mullets.

Ted Happy-Grabber DOES INDEED sport a mullet. Just a more professional-grade mullet, but a mullet nevertheless.

Moleh-moleh-mulleh mullet. T'is one indeed.

As a native Iowan, I think I am justified in saying...

Oh, good grief!!

And the italics on this thing better shut off this time.

I am not surprised at all that these women were drinking.

I got:
"HTTP Error 500-13 - Server too busy
Please wait a few seconds or click here to try again."

Geez, Dave - you can really move some traffic!

Maybe Mr. Hoober-Goober was on the newsworthy crowded dancefloor & couldn't participate.
Cut loose! Foot loose!

So the two teams collectively only found 19 mullets at the Iowa State fair? Damn. It's been a few years since I lived in the midwest- I guess hairstyles have changed for the better.

Even wih *carnies* around they couldn't find more mullets?

The lovely prose makes the mullet hunters sound like such delicate flowers:

"Kim Burch, happily drinking vodka and Kool-Aid..."

"Sandy's Bud Light-swilling daughter Angela"

Yes, we Iowa babes are a sophisticated lot...

And, of course, The Mullet Hunters WBAGNFA Discovery Channel show.

At first I only clicked on the giant Ted-head, and was at a loss trying to decide what that explained. Then I went back and picked up the first link, though I still feel there are some unexplained mysteries inherent in that story.

But, in the name of all that is holy, please do not explain to me why anyone would drink kool-aid and vodka. There are some truths too terrible to bear.

Maud, you live in Iowa you take what you can get.

Maybe we would (not wood) get more (not moor) respect if we threw (not through) cow poop.

Maud - I had a college room-mate who drank kool-aid and vodka because after she bought the vodka all she could afford was kool-aid. And she never washed out her glasses. (eeeeeewwww!)

Louis - the problem is the amount of cow poop flung around the state of Iowa. Half is flung by Republicans in the Legislature. The rest is flung by the Democrats and Tom Vilsack-o-$hit.


(snot on keyboard)

I hope that doesn't annoy anyone.

Tennessee Waterfall,Ape Drape

Great names, but I think my favorite--

Business up top, party out back.

A florid and generous description of these disturbing dos.

why kool aid and vodka? because you're out of juice.

we still gots plenty o' mullets at our fairs down south. maybe the ladies could go on safari. i see the makings of a reality show here.

Hey, don't forget the Great Pacific Northwest...we have TONS of mullet heads. I work in a bowling alley bar at night and I have some guys that come in that would put Mr Ted Happy-Grababeer to SHAME.

Okay, I did graduate high school in '79, which makes me old...also, I must admit, born in Iowa, grew up in Nebraska....but GEEZ...why do mullets have such a bad rap?? MacGyver was one of the best looking guys on TV...what I wouldn't have given to run my fingers through that gorgeous hair!!!!

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