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August 23, 2005


There is trouble in Louth.


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Woeful Toilets WBAGNFARB

"I personally think it was far better when they had just the single trough."

This is clearly someone who's never been at Fenway Park during the seventh inning stretch.

That's because the builders were a bunch of lazy louths.

*skampers off for some sweet sweet caffeinated go-juice*

Trouble with a Capital T!
  that rhymes with P!
and that stands for Wee!

"That's why I poo in the street."

"That doesn't give you more privacy."

"You're right. I guess that's not why I do it."

"If it is busy you are literally rubbing shoulders with the man next to you."

could be worse, the man next to you could be rubbing other things. and what kind of men are these anyway that complain of a clear view into the ladies room?

We need an international terlet patrol is what we could use, to prevent these atrocities.

How do you pronounce Louth? Does it rhyme with tooth or south?

Of events now unfolding in Louth
Our discussion approaches uncouth.
You don't have to be crisp,
We don't care if you lisp,
Just don't pee all over the booth!


didn't we have a blog post some time ago that mentioned international toilet standards? I guess the Brits rejected the UN International Toilet Standards Treaty.

Which begs the question: what is the toilet situation in Mysore?


My question is: which engineering whiz designed these facilities, anyway?

They probably complain because the women hover.


peek a boo loos ... just dandy.

Maybe the architect used plans by M.C. Escher?

Is M. C. Escher any kin to M. C. Hammer?

Aunt Nancy, shouldn't that read "whiz engineers"?

The word "rubbing" was used way too much in this article.

Laughing Stock Toilets?

The word "rubbing" was used way too much in this article.

Laughing Stock Toilets?

Candy Tutt - nicely done!

Scott - yeah, I suppose!

A.N. I think it's pronounced "Loot" like Yoot. As in "These two yoots...."

Or not.

Are we sure it's not pronounced "outh" as in:

I punched a man in the mouth,
while holiday-making in the town of Louth.
It seems he tried to rub shoulders with me,
whilst I stood to take a pee.

Huh? Huh?...sorry, first attempt at a rhyme(?), poem(?), or whatever it is called.

*bows to CT*

Hmm - Mouth Youth South Uncouth Plymouth Vermouth Monmouth Weymouth Outhouse Stouthearted?

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