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August 18, 2005


We blame the media.

(Thanks to Jp)


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Usually, I wash, then cook my children.

So this is where Dave went for vacation?

Mmmm....they taste like chicken...

Not really a full meal anyway, innit? Half an hour later...


thanks judi, we were starting to feel faint...

Oh! Oh! Oh! First by 17 seconds. Oh, the joy. Oh, the humanity. I do the happy dance. I do the jiggy jig. I fall to the floor and I’m laughing. My life is complete. I am pathetic.

Slick -
You must have hit the wall pretty hard finding out you were "Sixth". I feel your pain....

I too prefer to wash the kids BEFDORE I cook 'em.

W.C. Fields- "I love children....properly prepared."

I mean "BEFORE".

As you were.

And if they get out of line she just points to her knife holder on the counter . . .

Dave for years was my favorite humorist. This blog is destroying that. I just don't think racist entries and those making fun of the poor are funny.
What is going on?

Dear Clem,

Lighten up.

That is all.

ahhm Clem,
the caption reads "When Mbayo gets back home at the end of the afternoon, she cooks and washes her children."
i'm sure that this was meant to be the funny point of the post.

Dave has always been a staunch opponent of rasism and the downtrodden.
when we make fun of these very serious issues dear, it serves to put them in the "light" that they deserve.

that would be racism.
really need to preview before posting. sorry.

not to mention dave didn't freaking POST it.

judi dear, Dave is the captain of our ship. Therefore he has to take the blame for all of our foibles. Once you accept this, you can get away with f***ing anything.

Ah, the power of the blog (and the Blogette.) The BBC seems to have gone in and fixed the caption so that it is no longer funny.

Brits have no sense of humor.

Or humour.

Well, except for the Pythons.

And Douglas Adams.

ab, no no, it's still there. i meant caption as in "short explanation".
which brings us back to the point. we were laughing at the writer's phrasing. not the subjects of the photo.

at the risk of offending clem, i'd like to point out that cooking children, no matter when you wash them, would greatly increase their mortality rate.

clem, amidst the satire, sarcasm, black humor and inappropriate humor there is opportunity for bettering ourselves. donate a computer to someone who desperatly wants and needs one. tutor someone. send some cash or volunteer for heifer project or unicef or feed the children. then come join the fun. the news isn't written by dave or judi, they're just putting it out there. take from it what you will.

for the record, i've never seen anything racist here. angry republicans, democrats and cryptozoologists, yes. racism, no. the end.

OH, the BBC fixed the caption today, it says, "she cooks food and washes her children." For those of you who missed it, the caption did say, "she cooks and washes her children."

The power of this blog is amazing.

Perhaps the thing I cherish most about this blog is that it enables us to LAUGH AT STUFF THAT'S FUNNY instead of tripping over the ever-increasing snarl of political correctness which twines around us in today's society...

They fixed it? I hate it when they fix it!

crossgirl: I'd much rather bitch and moan than actually do something.


The caption seems to have gone back to the original version now.

The only struggle in this photo I think is a lot of people waiting to use the can.



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