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August 22, 2005


(Thanks to Amy)


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Needless to say, Doody-Powered Beavers WGAGNFARB.

"Schoolboy soccer action."

Wrong in sooooo many ways.

Somewhere, a high school sports editor is chuckling heartily to himself.

that is sooo sad. there needs to be a law about walking around with a reallly bad name. that's the winner among bad names. makes for a great funny headline... but oh, that poor kid. even change it to hickenloopie. but oh my.
where are you having thanksgivig?
with the doodies...

"Watch out for Doody" would have been better.

*invites Doody to a cow flop tossing contest, giggles at the hilarity that ensues*

Hmmmm...Washburn Beavers...hmmmmm...

I think a wash burn on a beaver would be veeeeery painful.

Spalding: DOODY!
Carl: Here it is! It's no big deal. Chomp!

I can't imagine how doody could propel a beaver. Maybe they meant repel a beaver. UUMMMMM, beeeeeaver.

In Germany, many towns have a committee that has to approve baby names. (One reason you never see any Adolfs these days)

Perhaps St. Agatha, Maine should look into this.

Repel, repulse, rebound, revolt . . .

Hey, Doody, how'd Beaver Propelling go last night?

Not bad, scored twice!

Howdy Doody!!

Ahhh Annie, you beat to the greeting. Howdy Doody!

I want to get on that baby-naming committee. First rule: no babies named after pre-1860 presidents. See ya later, Tyler,Taylor and Madison.

At least they're not the Bangor Beavers.

Doody propelled beavers sounds like a serious breach of hygiene to me.

Chianca: I don't know about your high school, but in mine the sports (and other) editors had little to chuckle over.

Responding to another sports-related blog entry on cricket, where Scott M asked about the paragraph:

One is the nature of a pitch which began with pace and early help for spin but - after nearly 24 hours under cover over the weekend - appears to be exhibiting neither of those two characteristics.

The pitch is the flat hard area in the middle of a cricket ground. Pace and spin are the two basic types of cricket bowling (=pitching in baseball), equating roughly with fastballs and curveballs, respectively. In cricket each bowler specializes in one or the other type of bowling. Depending on how the pitch is maintained, it can favor either pace or spin bowlers.

This matters because the captain changes his strategy (such as when he puts in which bowlers) based on where in the cricket match you are and what the pitch is likely to be like. Apparently the pitch's condition was not favoring either type of bowler, leading to confusion in the captain area.

Just Imagine what happened when they went to a restaurant for a celebratory meal and the place heard this over the intercom--

"Doody Party, your table is ready..."

Could have cleared the place out.

*zips in*

WOW!! I just discovered that Chianca is a famous person in Boston, with his own newspaper column and everything!!!!

Way cool!

*zips out to investigate further*

Don't fool with Doody. You'll make him madawaska.


I too have discovered the wonder that is Chianca at Large---great column, great blog guy!

*hopes she doesn't make DB too jealous*

gary, thank you!
that is as close to understanding the d*mn language of a d*mn game that i really don't give a d*mn about.

n my post made no d*mn sense.
as if this wuz news.
(beatcha to it - neener ;)

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