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August 22, 2005


It's California; of course he's in therapy now.

We assume there's no need to mention that Defiant Alligator would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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My what big teeth you have...

Also, Gator Therapy WBAGNFARB

It has not been seen since Wednesday.

Of course it hasn't been seen - it's off pouting somewhere because USC was picked #1 in the AP Top 25 poll, and the Gators are tenth.

Probably out scouting for Captain Hook, or for writers who build storylines around the pirate. Anyone seen Dave?

Just what we need, an alligator in touch with his inner child.

Visitors have been tempting the alligator with food such as tortillas, French bread and doughnuts, but to no avail.

Time to start trying cats.

How much caffeine would it take to kill a gator?

There's got to be a Gatorade line out there...

They're trying to tempt a gator with "tortillas, French bread and doughnuts"? - balderdash! How about a dead chicken (or a live poodle)?

*zips in*

judi - is that a "dig" at those of us who live in su.so.ca.?????

If, so, have some of our favorite so.ca. food! :)

*zips out*

Unlike California therapy, South Georgia Gator Therapy consists of an army of rednecks with shotguns!

*sits down to read blog*

*seven year old daughter enters*

Daughter: Ooh, Mommy, what a cute kitty picture!
Me: Yeah. Adorable.
Daughter: What's the kitty picture for?
Me: Some guy wants to feed it to an alligator.
Daughter: (sniffle) That is so mean!

*daughter runs out crying*

Me and my big mouth.

Alligators are not native to the state of California.

That hasn't stopped anyone else from living there.

Exactly what is the gator eating? And when will he be hungry again? Instead of worrying about the gator's mental state, somebody should note the stats of people killed/maimed/eaten by gators in other parts of the world!

"tortillas, French bread and doughnuts" is what you feed park DUCKS, not gators.

I know he is the Croc hunter but I bet Steve Irwin could catch him.

deja vu! this happened when I lived in denver in 1982 or 83 (geezer memories.) the nice reptile escaped from the zoo which was near the city park, and swam around in the lake for a few weeks (6 maybe???) before giving itself up. it was the biggest tourist attraction of the year. ah..... memories......

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